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Custom Golf Club Fitting

High Quality, No Filler.

You want to hit longer, straighter shots... but are the clubs you're using sabotaging your game?  Get your FREE golf club assessment here:

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How I Can Help You

I've been what you'd call a "club ho" for quite some time.  I've seen and played my fair share of clubs... but none of them were really satisfying.  Not like the way I thought they would.

It wasn't long into my ho'ing that I discovered golf club fitting.  I learned as much as I could; I read Ralph Maltby's Golf Club Design, Fitting, Alteration and Repair.  Then it was The Perfect Fit by Jeff Sheets and The Modern Guide to Golf Clubfitting from Jeff Summitt.  It finally culminated with Common Sense Club Fitting by the "Godfather" (and what you could call my mentor) Tom Wishon.

Where some of the "magic" happens

All the things I learned I applied to my "No-BS" approach to club fitting, and worked it into any new golf club purchases.  Now, I want to take what I learned and pass it on to you!  

From finding the right club head, to dialing in your golf shaft, to getting a grip that fits and feels good in your hands- it's a no-frill, all-function approach to helping you hit longer, straighter shots!

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Hit longer, straighter shots with none of the bull$hit.

Discover the specs your clubs need to hit better, more consistent shots with your FREE custom-fitting assessment:

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