Play Better Golf with Custom-Fit Golf Clubs and Practical Golf Swing Tips!

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By focusing on the 10 Pillars of Club Fitting, you'll find the right specs for every club in the bag. Because it's not the brand; that's a personal preference.  It's the FIT that matters most! 

What Can Green Lantern Golf Do For You?

I can help you lower your score with a custom-built set of clubs, or, take the clubs you currently have and retrofit the specs to match your swing style and body type.  

Being perfectly honest, it won't turn you into Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus.  What it does do, though, is put you in the best starting spot.  

A custom golf club fitting will allow you to hit the longest, straightest shots you can manage!

  • Boost your power with custom-fit clubs!
  • Brag about your new lower scores to everyone on Reddit!
  • Resuscitate old gear- get that old club back in the game!

Done-For-You Services

Have an old driver you just can't hit as well as you'd like, but can't get rid of it?  Looking to take your golf game to the Next Level?

Get a FREE Online Fitting!

Everyone needs to get custom-fit for their golf clubs in order to hit them to the best of their ability.  Yes, that means beginners, too!

While an in-person club fitting is the ideal, an online fitting will get you damn close, especially if you're on a budget.

Your FREE Fitting Will:

  • Help you hit longer, straighter shots
  • Put you in a good starting position
  • Give you peace of mind- your clubs'll work FOR you!

And more!

Green Lantern Golf offers practical swing lessons!

green lantern golf

We can talk about "A-swings", "X-factors", and all other manner of swing styles, but the truth is, for the majority of us playing with what we have is the best option.

If you have 30+ hours a week to devote to practice, sure, do like the pros do and make intricate swing changes.  

But if you're like most golfers that aren't making money on a pro tour, getting the most out of what you've got is the best route. 

  • Learn how to make online golf lessons work for you!
  • Get tips to help you hit better tee shots!
  • Discover how to use business philosophies on the course!
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