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Green Lantern Golf Wants to Help You Lower Your Scores With Custom-Made Golf Clubs!

Why would you want custom-fit golf clubs?  Well…

  • Do you wanna hit straighter shots?
  • Are you interested in hitting longer shots?
  • Is finding more consistency something that’s on your radar?

That’s why you need custom-fit golf clubs!  

And guess what?  That’s what I do!

When you get your clubs custom-fit, the main objective is to focus on 10 essential club specifications.  The Pillars of Fitting:

green lantern golf 10 pillars of fitting

Clubs types available and base cost

Irons (Set of 7)


Wedges (each)


Hybrids (each)


Fairway Woods (each)






Custom-Fit Golf Clubs WILL Improve Your Game!

The prices listed are base prices.  In the base model, we use:

  • Hireko Golf club heads
  • Wishon S2S golf shafts
  • Karma golf grips

Upgrades can be made, but the price will have to be adjusted accordingly.  For more info, click HERE.


What Green Lantern Golf Can Do For You

Fitting is my #1 priority, but I've been around the block long enough to pick up some swing tips that are useful to most beginners and early intermediate golfers.

While I typically serve the SW MI/NE IN area, I’m positive I can build you the right sticks for your game, wherever you live.

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casual Green Lantern Golf Hi, I'm Justin, owner of this little site!

At Green Lantern Golf, the focus isn’t on the names, but the fit.  You’re not gonna be pushed into a certain brand or model- they’ll all work just fine… if they’re fitted to your swing and body type, that is.  

No, you’re getting my ability and expertise.  You’ll get nothing but exceptional build quality at a fair price.

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What Else Does Green Lantern Golf Offer?  Practical Swing Tips!

Green Lantern Golf has swing tips, too!

While golf club fitting is the main focus, you’ll get golf swing lessons at Green Lantern Golf, as well!

I use a more practical method of teaching you how to swing a golf club:

  • There’s no fancy “swing du jour” methods,
  • No trying to force your body into doing something it can’t do
  • It’s all just taking what you do normally, but fine-tuning it.

If you’d like to see some examples of my swing tips and golf lessons, check out the resource hub!