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Golf Clubs You Can Hit 

Longer and Straighter

Green Lantern Golf's Common Sense approach to golf club fitting will find the specs you need for longer, straighter shots!  

What We Offer

Wishon 575mmc Irons

Custom-Fit Golf Clubs From the Green Lantern Golf Store

We offer Wishon golf clubs, as well as Inazone wedges specifically for left-handed golfers.  

As a lefty, myself, I'm doing what I can to offer quality gear for southpaws!

Measure length BEFORE cutting the driver shaft!

Retrofitting Services

Regripping golf clubs, installing new shafts, lie and loft angle changes, we offer many different ways to make your old clubs feel like new again!

Maltby STi Irons can offer the best golf clubs for the money, too!

Custom Build Services

There's the stuff I offer at the Store, but if you have something special in mind, hit me up!  I can acquire a few non-OEM brands, and I offer many price points!

compare wishon irons; 565MC

Club Fitting Articles

All of Green Lantern Golf's articles about golf club fitting.  We'll talk about how much to spend, OEM vs. Clone, and some DIY fitting solutions you can try!

green lantern golf

Golf Swing Tips

I've been around the block in golf.  I've tried many of the theories.  But what I come back to?  Fundamentals.  Here's some of my simple golf swing tips you can try- many in your backyard!

flightscope mevo

Equipment Reviews

None of those "I just opened this box" or "I got this for free" stuff.  I buy everything I review, and I put it through its paces.  You deserve a real review, so I'm trying to give it to you!

Discover Our Latest Articles

What would happen if I played the same* irons that Tiger Woods does? I've always been a little more curious ...

Some golfers are... strange. They don't keep things exactly the same.  A miss-mash of wedges, with different lengths and shafts. ...

Swingweight is an important spec in your golf clubs. Knowing where the head is when you swing the club will ...

Proprioception.  It's a big word... but what does it mean?  How does it affect- or rather, fix- your golf swing?OK, ...

Awesome place!!!!!!!!

Brittany Fietz

The virtual fitting you gave me was very helpful.

Stanford PEnnington

About Me.

I've been golfing a long time.  Been a golf club fitter, builder, and repairman nearly as long.

When I'm not reading things like Common Sense Clubfitting or Golf Club Fitting & Performance, I'm watching Star Wars or MCU movies, reading fantasy novels like LOTR or the Forgotten Realms series, or listening to some of my favorite bands, like Deftones and Queen.

If you live in the SW MI area, drop me a line or write me an email!  I can do custom fitting, club building, or whatever repair needs you may need.  If you don't live in the area, we can make it work!

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