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Green Lantern Golf Can Help You Play Better Golf

How?  With custom-fit golf clubs and a practical approach to the golf swing!

It starts with the golf clubs, and the 10 pillars of custom-fitting:

green lantern golf 10 pillars of fitting

By focusing on the 10 Pillars of Club Fitting, you'll find the right specs for every club in the bag! It's not the brand; that's a personal preference.  It's the FIT that matters most. 

What Can Green Lantern Golf Do For You?

We can help you lower your score with a custom-built set of clubs, or, take the clubs you currently have and retrofit the specs to match your swing style and body type.  

GLG also offers practical swing tips, to get you in the swing of things right from the get-go!

Here's some specifics:

  • Boost your power with custom-fit clubs!
  • Brag about your lower scores to everyone on Reddit!
  • Resuscitate old gear- get that old putter back in the game!

Done-For-You Services

Have an old driver you just can't hit as well as you'd like, but can't get rid of it?  Looking to take your golf game to the Next Level?

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Book Your Next Tee Time- From Anywhere!

Get a FREE Online Fitting!

Everyone needs to get custom-fit for their golf clubs in order to hit them to the best of their ability.  Yes, that means beginners, too!

While an in-person club fitting is the ideal, an online fitting will get you damn close, especially if you're on a budget.

Your Online Fitting Will:

  • Cover golf club specs, from driver on down
  • Ask specific questions about your golf swing
  • Take you into account, to insure a best-fit 
  • Provide the most comprehensive online fitting available

And more!

Lower Your Score With a Common Sense Approach to the Golf Swing

It's not about finding some "x" factor, stacking and tilting, or anything fancy.  It's finding what you do naturally, and making it better! 

A common-sense approach to the golf swing:

  • check
    Is easier to practice
  • check
    Doesn't require 10,000+ hours to master
  • check
    Won't bail on you when the pressure rises

If you're ready to start with practical golf swing tips, just click the button below!

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