Custom Golf Clubs, Golf Club Repair, and More!

Interested in a new driver, but don't know what Wishon S2S shaft to use?  Use this tool to find out!

Green Lantern Golf is about you.

We offer professional club fitting, building, and repair services that won't break the bank!  Our specialty is Wishon golf clubs and shafts, but don't hesitate to ask about other options!

Left-handed golfers, I'm here for you.  I'm a southpaw, myself, and I know how frustrating it can be to find quality left-handed component brands for those of us who play from "the wrong side of the ball".  Rest assured, I've looked far and wide.  Check out the Store for some excellent golf clubs for lefties!

What Can You Get From Green Lantern Golf?

Want custom-built clubs?  We do that.

Want a free online golf club fitting, to help you buy clubs for yourself?  We do that.

Want simple golf swing tips?  We do that, too!

Reviews- not the "paid for" or "unboxing" stuff; real reviews after months of use of products I bought myself.

 Just check out all the things Green Lantern Golf can do for you:

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Custom-Built Golf Clubs

Available at the Green Lantern Golf Store, we have Wishon clubs, Inazone wedges (for lefties!), Penley shafts, and more!

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Golf Club Fitting

Want to know ways to help hit the ball farther and straighter, without changing your swing?  Check out our club fitting articles!

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Simple Golf Swing Tips

You don't need to develop new swing theories or radicalize the process.  A focus on the basics of the golf swing- and how to execute them- will go a long way to helping lower your scores!

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Golf Equipment Reviews

These reviews are of golf equipment that I've spent my own money on, to help you make more informed buying decisions.  If you want to see something else reviewed (and I can afford it), let me know!

Golf can be expensive, but I want to make it as accessible as I possibly can.”

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Custom-Built Golf Clubs Really Do Help

It starts with building your confidence.  From there, your custom-built set of clubs will put you in a good starting point to make your best effort on the ball.  Why not check out FREE online fitting form? 

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Tools and Quizzes From Green Lantern Golf

From discovering which Wishon S2S golf shaft you should use for your driver to finding out what type of golf ball you should use, to even finding out how thick your golf grips should be, these tools and quizzes will help you find what's best for your game!

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Excellent Session!

Jameson Boyd 

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Recommend highly.  Nice job/great price.


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Awesome Place!

Brittany Fietz

/ Google Reviewer

GLG Takes Your Golf Game Seriously But We Won't Overcharge

Look, golf hasn't been getting less expensive.  Drivers are getting in the $500 range, and fairway woods cost what drivers used to cost.  Green Lantern Golf aims to break that trend, without sacrificing quality.

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Justin Blair

I'm a golfer like you.  I have a day job, as well as running Green Lantern Golf.  When I have the time, I like to hit the fairways.  But like you, I don't always have that much time; that's why the lessons I teach here are so focused on the fundamentals.  They just help!

I've been building, fixing, and fitting golf clubs for over ten years now, and it's one of my favorite things to do!

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Blog Posts

Oversized Grip on the Driver Only- Is It a Good Idea?

Some golfers are… strange. They don’t keep things exactly the same.  A miss-mash of wedges, with different lengths and shafts.  I’m just as guilty: I tend to not stick with the same ball. But one area where I don’t think it’s a good idea?  The grips.  Especially when you use oversized grips on only the driver.  Why?You

Swingweight- Why You Should Care

Swingweight is an important spec in your golf clubs.Knowing where the head is when you swing the club will help you at impact.  Sadly, not many golfers but the “techies” seem to care about it- but they should!  First, though, we should discuss what it is. Table of Contents What is Swingweight?Available Swingweights- Even The

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Proprioception.  It’s a big word… but what does it mean?  How does it affect- or rather, fix- your golf swing?OK, so what is proprioception?  According to Wikipedia:also referred to as kinaesthesia (or kinesthesia, in American English), is the sense of self-movement and body position.[3] It is sometimes described as the “sixth sense”.[4]Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?  Ooooh… like a sixth

Best Golf Clubs for Lefties- Irons

The Best Golf Clubs for Lefties on a Budget!It’s hard to find golf clubs for the discerning lefty.  It’s even harder when you’re a lefty that wants quality, but are on a budget. Quick Navigation Acer XV, by Hireko GolfMaltby ST-i OS, by the GolfWorksPinhawk SL irons, by Pinhawk GolfSilver Diamond MDC, by Alpha GolfSilver

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