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10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck!

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Since people seem to be into lists, here’s one from GLG:

GLG’s Top 10 Graphite Golf Shafts Under $50

Get that good feeling throughout the swing and at impact- without breaking the bank!

Getting right into it…

#10: AccuFLEX Assassin II, $36.99

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 110 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 2

Accuflex isn't a well-known name when it comes to the "off the shelf" stuff, but many a fitter and long-drive contestant knows them.

Comes in A, R, S, X, and even 2X!


  • Weight (g) 65g, 65g, 67g, 69g, 69g
  • Torque (degrees) 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°, 3.5°
  • Tip Diameter (in) 0.335
  • Parallel Tip Length (in) 3"
  • Butt Diameter (in) 0.600
  • Bend Point Mid, Mid, Mid, Mid-Hi, Mid-Hi
  • Swing Speed (mph) 70-80, 80-90, 90-100, 100-110, 110+

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9. SK Fiber Tour Trac 65, $28.16 (shown: S-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 310 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 4

SK Fiber is another brand that doesn't get the attention it deserves, but delivers on quality.  The Tour Trac is no exception.

It comes in at a raw (uncut) weight of 69 grams for the S flex.  It's designed for slow to moderate swing tempo golfers.  

One thing to note is that, unlike most other models that have a raw length of 46 inches, the Tour Trac has a raw length of 47".

That's important to know, as it would validate the company's suggestion that it's for slower swing speeds.  Why is that?

Well, because it's longer, it's flex rating should be slightly softer compared to other shafts of the same length.  The "main" flex of a shaft comes from the butt end.  The more you take away from that, the softer the shaft will play.

The Tour Trac has a parallel tip section longer than most other shafts, at 5".  Even if you follow the OEM's recommended tip-trim instructions, that's still a pretty long PTS.  Compared to something that's typically considered a "stout" shaft, Aldila's classic NV (green, which has a PTS of 3"), it will play softer.

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8. Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue, $44.95 (shown: R-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 510 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 6

The ProLaunch Blue has been around for quite some time now, but it still performs.  An "oldie but goodie" as they say.

Unlike its sibling, the ProLaunch Red, the Blue is designed to help golfers get the ball in the air a little better.

Honestly, though, that statement needs to be qualified: how you release the club says a lot about how high the ball will launch.

If you're a "caster", someone who:

  • typically lunges with the shoulders to start the downswing,
  • tries to go all HULK SMASH on the ball, foregoing a proper downswing sequence,
  • releases your wrist hinge well before your hands get to hip level on the downswing,

Proceed with caution, as you won't get any benefits from how a shaft (slightly) bends at impact.

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7. Matrix Red Tie 6Q3, $35.99 (shown: X-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 710 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 8

Who says you can't find an X-flex golf shaft for under $50?

Not me!  

From personal experience, I have the 80-gram model in my 3-wood.  I've also experimented with all three of the Ties: Black, White and Red.  This one, the Red, is right in the middle of the Black (firmer) and White (softer).

If you know you have a neutral takeaway- not too passive, not too aggressive, or, you don't know what your takeaway is like, the Red can be a good fit for your swing!

Want an affordable personal launch monitor?  Check out the Voice Caddy SC200!

6. MCS 75, $27.99 (Combo-Flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 9

One of my all-time favorite shafts was the True Ace Blue Crush.  It was available from Hireko Golf for $20, and it was one of the best shafts I've ever owned.

I don't want to brag, but seriously, that shaft was such a good fit to me.  I had my career-best drive with it, at 296 yards of carry distance.  But because I'm a club ho (and kinda dumb) I thought I could do better.  I was wrong...

Sadly, it's not readily available anymore, though it can show up occasionally on Ebay.  The good news is, there's a replacement: the MCS 75 Blue!

5. Matrix HD Radix S VI, $44.95 (shown: S-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 1010 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 11
RADIX is Latin for "base" or "root". The base for RADIX is The HD design, giving RADIX the most advanced internal structure in its class. Along with the internal structure, an experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio design is introduced with RADIX. The ratio specs change by flex - ball flight lowers as flex stiffens, adjusting for the progressive needs of progressively harder swingers. 

  • Bend: Mid/Low
  • Launch: Mid/High
  • Weight: 63 grams (Stiff)
  • Butt Diameter: .640
  • Tip Diameter.335

4. Aerotech ALT 470, $36.89 (shown: A-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 1210 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 13

AeroTech is known mostly for its iron shafts, which are pretty expensive.  The ALT 470 is not just a wood shaft, but an exception to their price model.

This model is an A-flex model.  I know it's commonly called a "senior" flex... but people need to stop that.  The ALT 470 is softer than a typical A-flex, to help slower swingers get the ball airborne.  

Please note, though, that loft is the primary means of getting more carry height, especially for slower swingers.  A shaft will provide a tweak.

3. UST-Mamiya MP5, $49.99 (shown: R-flex)

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 1410 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 15

The Micro-Lite shafts add extreme power, feel, and control to your game. 38 Micro-Ply layers improve feel without sacrificing performance.

Specs (R-flex):

  • Weight: 51g
  • Torque: 3.7 degrees
  • Butt Diameter: .615"
  • Tip Diameter: .335"
  • Raw Length: 46"
  • Ball Flight: "mid-high"
  • Parallel Tip Section: 4"

2. BOOMSTIK HiOCTANE Code Blue, $28.99

10 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 1610 Golf Shafts Under $50; More Bang for the Buck! 17

BoomStik Hi OCTANE CODE BLUE Golf Shaft features N20 NANO Design

Available Flexes : L, A, R, S, X or 2X (.335 Parallel Tip, 46" 65g)

A N2O proprietary design shape was utilized because of its strength. A shaft with a carbon fiber, carbon nano tube and resin platform was developed. The shaft has a unique transfer of energy over Nano Carbon Fibers to minimize torque without sacrificing feel. Hooks and slices are greatly reduced. The shot dispersion is considerably narrower. Distance is improved. 

In addition, the "BOOMSTIK GOLF HiOCTANE II N2O" also transfers ideal vibration to provide impact feedback for the user.

* Patent pending 4Quad Axis-Nano spine design for better stability
* N2O Nano Technology
* Better diffusion of load and energy transfer
* Controlled torque
* Tighter shot dispersion
* Stronger, lighter-weight shaft construction
* Low-twist geometry that keeps shot dispersion to a minimum
* Conforms to USGA Rules of Golf
* Revolutionary "N2O Nano Technology" To Create The Most Powerful Swing & Distance 

1. Integra iDrive 3.5, $11.99 (combo flex)

Golf Shafts Under $50

In all honesty, these aren't in any particular order.  Except for this, the iDrive Tour 3.5.  If you asked me point blank to recommend a shaft, this would probably be it.

I can personally speak for this shaft.  It's a killer combination of specs and price... almost a steal.  I swing about 105mph, and this can hold its own.

Like others on the list, it's a "combo" shaft.  Meaning, if you buy the R/S combo, installing it without tip-trimming will give you an R-flex.  If you trim an inch off, it's now an S-flex.

I know price can be a big determining factor for some, but if you're looking to save a buck (or more), check this shaft out.

A lot of options for golf shafts under $50, isn't there?

Here's ten, with options ranging from slower swingers with a passive transition to faster swingers with an aggressive transition.

There's literally something for everyone.  Sure, if you wanted to spend $100-$300 on a golf shaft, there's plenty of choices there, too.  I even sell some in my store.  But not everyone has that much to throw around, so this list should help you find the right shaft for not a lot of coin!

How about you?  What golf shaft do you play?  Do you set a limit, or do you just get what fits?

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