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line straight up and down means the lie angle is just right!
lie angle's effect on accuracy
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Why do you need to ask questions during a club fitting?

It's just like going to the doctor; if you don't communicate what's bothering you, the doc's not going to be able to diagnose you.

Getting a golf club fitting is similar.  It's not as important to your physical health, but it's definitely important to the health of your golf game!

So why do you need to ask questions, anyway?  Well, if you want:

  • golf clubs you can hit longer and straighter,
  • supreme confidence in the gear you buy, and
  • the knowledge needed to help the fitter make it happen

This guide, with 13 essential questions you can ask your club fitter, can make it happen!


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Green Lantern Golf is a club fitting, building, and repair shop that also dabbles in swing theory.  We strive to give you golf clubs that are easier to hit; you'll find more distance and accuracy!

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If you're in the market for new clubs, it just makes sense to get them fitted.  

It's not unlike buying a suit; sure, you could get something from the local department store and look good... but if you got something tailored to your specific body, you'll look great.

Why wouldn't you want that for your golf clubs?

This guide will help you if you are:

  • New to buying fitted golf clubs
  • Have been fitted before, but something felt... off
  • Want to ensure- this time- you're buying the best clubs for your game

Rest assured, this guide will help make sure this fitting will be the best it can be.

Take a look at this example:

lie angle's effect on accuracy

Do you know about lie angle?  It's the relationship between the ground and the sole of the club.  It's the #1 spec that controls accuracy in your irons and wedges.

Take a look at the picture above; do you see what happens when the lie angle isn't right for your impact position?  

In the left picture, the lie angle's too flat, which results in pushes and/or slices.  In the right picture, the lie angle's too upright, which creates pulls and/or hooks.

When your fitter asks you about tendencies, and you say "I pull my irons- especially the short ones", that's important info s/he can use to diagnose your problem.  S/He can then have a solid starting point to building you your best set of golf clubs.

Being able to communicate with the fitter about this stuff helps ensure you get a properly-fit set of golf clubs.  

And the more knowledge you have, the better the experience will be!  

Are you ready for a successful fitting experience?

Grab this free checklist and get the info you need to get the golf clubs you deserve to have- the ones that actually fit your swing!

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