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2 Ways Golfers Use Sunscreen

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I’m going to keep it pretty simple today.  There’s really only 2 ways golfers use sunscreen, and I’m gonna go over both… after the jump.


Here?  Do I need to take a head count?  No?  Good.

Getting to the point:

The first use for sunscreen is to use it as an impact label.

How?  Funny you should ask…  First, you gotta get some sunscreen:

2 ways golfers use sunscreen
The brand doesn’t matter… but the SPF does!

Now, put a dab on your finger like this:

2 ways golfers use sunscreen
Just a dollop will do ya!

Smear it all over your clubface:

2 ways golfers use sunscreen


2 ways golfers use sunscreen










Ideally, you want it uniform, but obviously, that isn’t necessary.

Now, just hit some shots.  Or, as I did since I couldn’t get to the course today, throw balls at the face.  Doesn’t sound fun, but it was!

2 ways golfers use sunscreen

As you can see, the ball leaves marks on the face.  This allows you to see if you’re hitting it on the “sweet spot”, which means a maximum transfer of the energy you put into the club from the face to the ball.  More ball speed = more distance!

This is a nice little “hack” anyone can do when they’re on the range or the course to help improve their ball striking… though don’t do it in a tournament!  It’s illegal to put a substance on the face of your clubs- be it sunscreen, vaseline, tape, or grape jelly.

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The Second Reason Golfers Use Sunscreen

Now, the second reason we should use sunscreen is the most obvious.  We don’t want to get skin cancer!  Seems obvious, but it’s amazing how many golfers just on my league don’t even bother with it.  I’ve seen pictures of that, and my wife’s uncle had it.  Not cool.

Seriously, golfers, use sunscreen.  Protect yourself.  The higher the number, the longer you can go without reapplying, but with golfers, we tend to sweat.  That leads to a protection leak.  To be safe, at least reapply your sunscreen at the turn.

EDIT: Fellow Twitterer (I think that’s a word…) Jon at Practical Golf brought up a good point, and one I think should be heeded.  The SPF number in no way indicates its “strength”.  As Jon puts it:

Higher SPF is misleading.it only adds 1-2% more protection. Reapply every 2 hrs!!!!

Good advice, indeed!  In my defense, my “at the turn” advice works well for me when it’s just me or when I’m in a twosome… but I also do it this way when I’m playing in a foursome.  I am ashamed…

Shout out to Ann Larie Valentine for the artwork (via Flickr)

Don’t forget the tops of your ears!  I got burned on both ears once, and I’ll tell you it ain’t pleasant.

There you have it, readers.  There’s really only two uses for sunscreen on the golf course, but they’re pretty important.

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