February 10

4 Easy Steps to Tour-Like Backspin

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Everyone likes to have Tour-like backspin on the green.  But how do you do it?

It’s actually very easy; here’s a 4-step process to getting backspin.

[su_note note_color=”#52e856″]The TL;DR version: To get tour-like backspin, swing aggressively but under control so you hit the “sweet spot”, with a high-lofted wedge and a urethane-covered ball. [/su_note]

With that out of the way, let’s get to the details:

1. Loft. More loft = more backspin. So to get the max backspin, use your highest-lofted wedge.  There’s a catch, which we’ll talk about later, but just know that you’ll get more backspin from a LW than you would a 5 iron.

2. A urethane-covered ball.

First of all, grooves on the clubface play NO part in backspin; friction between the ball and the clubface does.

Grooves do help in the rough, as they channel gunk and grass away from the face, allowing for cleaner contact (and more friction).

The urethane cover is soft, that means it’ll smush against the clubface just a little more, which creates more friction/backspin.

3. An aggressive swing. Many people quit on shots. They make a plan, but halfway into it they get this “oh, $hit!” mentality that sabotages their effort. They slow down, and if they’re lucky enough to get the ball on the green, it won’t do much.

You’ll also notice that players on the Tour like backspin to come from full swings, not pitch or (definitely not) chip swings. There isn’t enough swing speed generated by these two specialty shots to get enough backspin.

4. Contact with the “sweet spot”. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s true. To get the most backspin, you have to hit it “on the screws”.

Now, this will sound counter-intuitive from #1, but many pros actually club up when they’re looking to get a lot of backspin.

Wait, what?!

You read that right.

When a Tour pro wants backspin, they’re looking to flush the ball, with an aggressive- but smooth- swing.

If they’re trying to crush a LW, they risk messing the shot up… just like we normies do.  They’re preventing thin shots, topped shots, dead-pulls and the like.  Throttling back helps keep things under control.

If you want to emulate them, do as they do in this instance.  You don’t always want to copy a Tour pro, but in this case, it’s OK.

By clubbing up to a SW or GW and swinging smoother (yet aggressively), they’ll flush it and get enough backspin to make it spin back like a yo-yo. It’s not max backspin, but it’s enough to do what they’re wanting.

That’s really it.  There’s no secret, no magic, no blueprint, to getting Tour-like backspin on the green.  Do these four things and you’ll see an improvement- guaranteed.

About the author 

Justin Blair

Justin Blair is the founder of Green Lantern Golf. When he isn't bringing his 10+ years of excellent craftsmanship experience to golf club fitting, building, and repair, he's geeking out about Star Wars (he's watched them all about 8,437 times!) and things like the MCU and LOTR, he's drinking mead and craft brews. If you wanna know more, check out my About Page!

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