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Hey, I'm Justin

Are you unsure if you should change golf clubs?  Do you know that most OEMs aren't selling clubs to help you play better golf?  And what's the best way to get golf clubs that actually will help you, anyway?

If you're interested in all things golf, but don't like the BS attached to it, this is the place to be!

Maybe you're tired of hearing "longer, straighter, with an improved chance of winning the Lotto" in every advertisement?  Or you have a life outside of golf you wanna live, but don't have all day, every day to work on getting better (but still want to!)? 

I think I'll be able to help you out!

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Unlike blogs that give a lot of fluff, I use a "No-BS" approach to the equipment you use, as well as the swing itself.  

I prefer to focus on things like:

  • The specific components of the golf club, and what really matters to hitting longer, straighter shots.
  • Not trying to shoehorn you into a certain type of golf swing.  Everyone's different, but there are some "keys" to making a good golf swing.
  • Giving your real feedback on things I've tried.  Reviews can be hard to read, but I want to give you real, honest opinions on golf stuff.

I don't do "surface level" stuff; I like to dig deep, to really provide the "why" and "how" things are when it comes to the golf swing and equipment.  I do some things that can get complex, but I'll try my best to break it down into more digestible bits of info... while making (mostly obscure) pop-culture references and Star Wars quotes.

If this is for you, keep reading!

Who am I?  Why am I doing what I do?

green lantern golfie

I've been playing golf for a long time.  I've been bitten (snake-bitten, more likely) by some of the things you see on the TV and magazines.

I always thought: they make it sound so easy: buy this or that club, do this or that move, and your life (on the golf course) will be so much better!

But that's not really the case, is it?

There's a lot of stuff- much of it written with good intentions, but it's still stuff- that can bog you down.  My goal is to prevent you from wallowing in the mire like I did.

I want to take an approach to the golf clubs that aren't about the names, but how they fit your swing.  I want you to be able to swing your swing, while having only a handful of "keys" you need to focus on to make your best possible effort.

And it's all done through a Common Sense approach!

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What to Expect from Green Lantern Golf:

  • Real talk about golf equipment.  You'll no longer be searching for a "holy grail" golf club- you'll have the knowledge to find it.
  • Support, honest commentary, and (hopefully) funny ways to keep you accountable in your quest to lower your scores.
  • Helpful ideas on what on-course accessories you could buy.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not Dr. Strange or Mr. Spock.  I don't have all the answers.  But what I do have is, decades of screwing up experience, and an insatiable need to help people.

With golf, it’s the perception of what we’re supposed to play like that kills it for you.

Look, I get it.  With a wife, two kids, two cats and a dog, there’s a lot going on at home, and I  can’t get out and spend an hour a day at the range and 4+ hours at the course 5 times a week.  

What’s your home life like?  Is it hectic?  If you’re anything like me, I’m certain the answer’s a resounding “yes!”, but I still wanna know, so tell me about it in the comments.

Don’t be mistaken, though: I understand that you wanna get better.  We all do… it’s human nature.

And that’s why I created Green Lantern Golf.

Green Lantern Golf logo (large)

I’m a club fitter, builder, and repairman first and foremost.

That’s my thing, but I’ve been around the proverbial block over 20 years now, and I’ve learned a thing or two that’s helped me get better.  

Through GLG, I want to share my knowledge with you!

“Why?”, you ask?  

Look; I know you have a real life, one that doesn’t revolve around golf.  You get out when you can, but it’s not as often as you’d like.  But you still wanna get better.  I believe I can help you with that!

At GLG, I’ll help you discover:

What are you looking to improve?

Do you want to create a more repeatable swing?  Maybe you want to drop your score from 110 to 100, or 100 to 90?  Maybe you want to hit the ball farther?

Or, maybe you can’t decide which driver, wedge, or any other club type to buy.  Maybe you’ve come across a brand you’ve never heard of before, and you’re wondering if it’s “worth it”.

You want to golf the best you can, but you don’t have the tens of thousands of hours that PGA professionals dedicate?

Whatever you’re looking to do, through a strategy of nailing the fundamentals, obtaining the right gear for your swing and a focus on fun, we can get you where you’re wanting to go.

A couple of other quick notes:  

Did I mention I build custom-fit golf clubs Pretty sure I did…  Anyway, I can work with a pretty wide-ranging budget; if you're in the market for golf clubs, regardless of what you want to spend, just hit me up at my email and let's get started!

I can also repair your broken clubs. I can also Retrofit your existing clubs to new specs that’ll match your swing and body type.  I file these both together under the “retrofitting umbrella” since a retrofit is kinda like a fancy repair.

Golf club “picker”.  Like those guys on TV that find stuff.  You fill out the online fitting form (or get fitted in person).  You then email me and give me a budget of what you’re willing to spend.  For an extra 10%, my “finder’s fee”, I find the clubs that come as close as possible to match those specs.

Shop the Green Lantern Golf Store!  If you’re interested in Penley golf shafts, P2 putting grips, or something else, check out the store!

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Shop Today!

About that custom club fitting/building...

Be forewarned: if you want to buy clubs from me but don’t want to fill out the custom-fitting form, I will decide on the specs.

I have a set standard to which they’ll be built:

  • Driver: 44.5″
  • 3 wood: 43″
  • 5 wood: 42″
  • 6 iron: 37.5″ (all irons and hybrids based off that, in 1/2″ increments)
  • Swing weight: D2
  • Grip Size: +1/64" over standard (.915″)

If you decide to buy without a fitting, these specs are what you’ll get.  Very similar to what I call the Hero Driver.  

Who Is Green Lantern Golf (AKA: GLG)?

casual Green Lantern Golf

I’m Justin, and I founded Green Lantern Golf as a means to help everyday golfers like you play better and make sound equipment buying decisions.

I’ve been a golfer for over 20 years, and a fitter/builder/repairman for nearly a decade.

Check out some of my handiwork here!

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I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my golfing life, which did kinda hinder my progress.  So, I created GLG to help keep you from making the same ones I have, and get better at a much faster pace.

You can also find me on Quora.  I like to answer questions about golf and Star Wars- a few of my favorite things!

You can also check me out at The Underdog Sports Network (formerly Deep(ish) Thoughts), a blog that talks about any and all sports!  Click the pic to check them out!

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Interested in learning how to build golf clubs?

Learning how to build, and subsequently, how to fix your golf clubs is a great way to create a sense of ownership of your sticks.  It builds a platonic, yet intimate, relationship with the gear you use to help reach scoring goals.  Sign up and receive lessons on how to fix your sticks!

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