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The Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z, and Not Having “It”

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I had every intention of doing a “head to head, does a new driver perform better than its previous model?” match-up, Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z, post for you today.

Honestly, I did.

I’ll even show you the results, in a little bit.

The problem I ran into was, I didn’t have it.  Ever feel that way?  Not having it.

What is it?  It’s it!  Sorry for the Faith No More reference, but “it” can be difficult to describe.  Of course, I’m gonna try…

  • When you swing, and you know it just doesn’t feel right
  • When you see the output and know that isn’t your best
  • Nothing you do feels comfortable; the stance, posture, grip… sometimes one thing, sometimes all of it.

That’s how I felt when doing this test.

My grip looked the same, but it didn’t feel the same.  Does anyone else feel that way?  I know I’m not alone… (thanks, 1 Step to Better Golf)

Even the best of the best of us just don’t have it some days.

So, because of my insatiable curiosity, what’s it like when you don’t have it?

For me, I can’t get my feet comfortable.  It feels like I’m too far on the extreme.  On my toes, heels, insteps or outsides… it feels awkward.  The aforementioned grip issues come up, too.

You generally have two ways of alleviating these issues:

  1. Pack it in
  2. Deal with it

Personally, I prefer #2.  As the saying goes, “A bad day at golf’s better than a bad day at work”.  You can overcome not having it.

Sometimes, just a simple “brain reset” by focusing on your breathing can help.

When you breath in, start by filling out your diaphragm, then your lungs.  You get more oxygen that way.  Breath in, hold it for a few beats, then let it out (in reverse order).  Exhale longer than you inhaled; just a second or two longer is enough.

Keep up the breathing while you step up to the ball.  As you’re stepping up, focus on seeing a good shot.  Don’t think about anything else- just see what you intend on having the ball do while it’s in the air.

Breaking a routine helps, as well.  If I feel like I’m in a rut, I’ll change up the way I play the hole I’m on.  One example: if I go driver/7 iron, I’ll switch to hybrid/5 iron.  It breaks a pattern, which helps me get out of a funk.

Try these next time you don’t have it.

Wanna read about more testing issues?  Check out my post about a shaft test that killed a friend…

The results of the Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z test I promised

First, let’s go back to the last time I hit my Bio Cell.

BioCell1 test results
266 yards of carry distance*!

Not too shabby, eh?

Unfortunately, the second round (done later) didn’t fare so well…


Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z
Not as far as I’d have liked…


Now, compare that with the Fly-Z:

Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z
Even worse!


What went wrong?

Well… it wasn’t the clubs.

Here’s my Bio Cell, without the adaptor:

Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z
201 grams, minus the adaptor

If you remember from my “WITB?” post, there’s lead tape on the sole, which makes it 201g.  That said, I normalized the Fly-Z with tape, making it 201g (minus the adaptor), as well:

Bio Cell vs. Fly-Z
I only had to add one gram of tape.

They use the exact same hosel adaptor, which meant I could use the same shaft (Integra iDrive Tour 3.5, S-flex), same length (44.5″), same grip, same swing weight (D3), etc.  Nice!

So… what accounts for the difference?  In a word: me.

I didn’t have it.  I knew it from the first drive, with a totally different driver.

In reality, the differences aren’t that great.  I had 3mph less ball speed with the Bio Cell, but more carry distance.  My launch angle was a whopping one-degree difference between the two clubs.

Compared to my baseline drive earlier with the Bio Cell, I surmise that it was my quality of impact that was different.  Smash Factor, if you will.

Needless to say, I’m not done with this yet.  Not by a long shot…

*= the pic says I hit it right 100+ yards right.  I did... but I was aimed that way.

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