Golf Shafts Under $50

10 Golf Shafts Under $50

Since people seem to be into lists, here’s one from GLG: GLG’s Top 10 Graphite Golf Shafts Under $50 Getting right into it… #10: Graman Crossfire, $13.95 The Graman Crossfire is our first entry, and it’s a good one.  Not only is it incredilby inexpensive, Graman has been known as a good shaft brand for many […]

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A WITB of Stuff You ACTUALLY Need!

Everyone has a “Must Have In Your Bag” post, so I figured “why the hell not?”. I’ve done a WITB article before, but that was focused more on clubs and such.  With this article, I’d like to focus more on my 7 on-course “essentials” that aren’t focused on clubs, balls, or bags.  You may or […]

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