Golf Club Shaft Fitting Flex Chart

Club Used for 150 YardsEstimated Swing Speed (MPH)Expected Shaft Flex3, 4, 5 Iron; Hybrid53-62L6 Iron63-76A7 Iron77-92R8 Iron93-107S9 Iron, Wedge108+XThe Golf Club Shaft Flex Chart Will Help!Yes, it can help you find your next golf shaft flex!   How?  Thanks to help from GolfWorks, you can DIY your swing speed, determine your starting shaft flex, then fine-tune it […]

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how to hit iron shots

How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots

Today we have a new guest post from Brian Jame over at LaserRangefinder.com!  Remember, they review rangefinders- but that’s not all they do!  GPS devices, push carts, grips and more! Give his article a read, and be sure to check out his site!How to Hit Crisp Iron ShotsTo hit an iron shot well requires a change […]

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