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Golf Shaft Fitting: Swing Speed

When you’re fitting a golf shaft, swing speed is but one part of the overall equation.Yes, it’s important. No, the faster you swing doesn’t equate to a stiffer flex. No, that wasn’t a contradiction. When you’re getting a golf shaft fitting, swing speed is only 1/3 of the process for finding the right flex; so what else is […]

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Golf Club Shaft Fitting Flex Chart

Club Used for 150 YardsEstimated Swing Speed (MPH)Expected Shaft Flex3, 4, 5 Iron; Hybrid53-62L6 Iron63-76A7 Iron77-92R8 Iron93-107S9 Iron, Wedge108+XThe Golf Club Shaft Flex Chart Will Help!Yes, it can help you find your next golf shaft flex!   How?  Thanks to help from GolfWorks, you can DIY your swing speed, determine your starting shaft flex, then fine-tune it […]

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