Review: Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip

Hey, it’s another review!  This time, for the Golf Pride Tour SNSR putter grip.You might be wondering: “Why now, Justin?  Why are you reviewing a grip this old”? That’s a good question.  Honestly, it’s because I used this for a full season, and I wanted to give you real information. Speaking of that, let’s actually get real for … Read moreReview: Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip

Review: Voice Caddy SC200

Voice Caddy SC200

Let’s review the Voice Caddy SC200. I’ve made it easier to digest, only using four criteria. If you read some of my previous posts, you’ve been able to see that I’ve used the Voice Caddy SC200 to make my “Epic Shaft Battle” post (I’m gonna do more, I swear!). Let’s break down each criterion… Form The … Read moreReview: Voice Caddy SC200

Review: DTG Inazone XC-7 Putter

DTG Inazone XC-7

Up for review today is the Inazone XC-7 putter. I’m gonna just put it out right now: the XC-7 is a clone putter.  But who cares?  I don’t, if you’ve read some of my older stuff about clones.  Many times, they don’t even really look like their OEM version, as you can see here. Video: … Read moreReview: DTG Inazone XC-7 Putter