How Long Does It Take To Be Good at Golf?

green lantern golf can help with the swing!

Realistically, it should take about twenty hours to start playing decent golf.Well, here’s the thing: you will not become Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth after 20 hours.  We’re not talking about mastery-level golf.  As much as I hate to say it, because of all the hours that Tiger Woods has put in, you’ll never be … Read more

Golf Shaft Fitting-The Release

Golf Shaft Fitting-The Release 2

Time to learn about the release!Just what is the release? It’s the action of applying the club to the ball. It can be described as “early” and “late”.  If you’ve ever followed any golf forum or read articles on another website or magazine (or other articles here), you’ll know that a “late” release is the ideal way … Read more

How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots

how to hit iron shots

Today we have a new guest post from Brian Jame over at!  Remember, they review rangefinders- but that’s not all they do!  GPS devices, push carts, grips and more! Give his article a read, and be sure to check out his site!How to Hit Crisp Iron ShotsTo hit an iron shot well requires a change … Read more