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How Long Does It Take To Be Good at Golf?

Realistically, it should take about twenty hours to start playing decent golf.Well, here’s the thing: you will not become Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth after 20 hours.  We’re not talking about mastery-level golf.  As much as I hate to say it, because of all the hours that Tiger Woods has put in, you’ll never be […]

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how to hit iron shots

How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots

Today we have a new guest post from Brian Jame over at LaserRangefinder.com!  Remember, they review rangefinders- but that’s not all they do!  GPS devices, push carts, grips and more! Give his article a read, and be sure to check out his site!How to Hit Crisp Iron ShotsTo hit an iron shot well requires a change […]

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