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golf and hunting

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist!

Golf and Hunting CAN Coexist!I’m sure I’m not surprising anyone here, but golfers can be hunters and hunters can be golfers. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. But did you know you can COMBINE the two?!I know, right?!?!?!?! But wait- how can you make it work? Well, I’m not sure you’re gonna want to take your driver to the field […]

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A WITB of Stuff You ACTUALLY Need!

Everyone has a “Must Have In Your Bag” post, so I figured “why the hell not?”. I’ve done a WITB article before, but that was focused more on clubs and such.  With this article, I’d like to focus more on my 7 on-course “essentials” that aren’t focused on clubs, balls, or bags.  You may or […]

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