Get In The Game The Right Way!

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What to Expect:

  • ​Learn how to dress for the course- even if you're on a budget!
  • What gear to use!
  • What clubs to buy, and what to expect to pay!
  • A crash-course on proper etiquette!
  • And more!

So, how am I gonna help lower your scores?

The reason's easy: the majority of what's gonna happen in the swing is determined before you even swing.  How you set up to the ball will make a HUGE difference!

That's why it's included in the Introduction; I want to get you started off entirely on the right foot.

casual Green Lantern Golf Hi, I'm Justin, owner of this little site!

At Green Lantern Golf, the focus isn’t on the names, but the fit.  You’re not gonna be pushed into a certain brand or model- they’ll all work just fine… if they’re fitted to your swing and body type, that is.  

No, you’re getting my ability and expertise.  You’ll get nothing but exceptional build quality at a fair price.

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People like me!  They really like me!

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