Are you new to golf, or thinking about starting?

Or, maybe you’re relatively new, and just need some guidance?

Are you unsure where to start, what to buy?

Why not have a look at Green Lantern Golf’s Complete Introduction to Golf?


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to dress for the golf course
  • A primer on proper etiquette
  • What gear to use, and an easy how-to on what to buy
  • Information on cost of entry

You’ll even get a lesson on how to create solid fundamentals!

The best part?  There are no strings attached!  Just click any of the pics or links (like this one) to get it- with no obligations!

Why?  The reason’s easy: the majority of what’s gonna happen in the swing is determined before you even swing.  How you set up to the ball will make a HUGE difference!

That’s why it’s included in the Introduction; I want to get you started off entirely on the right foot.

Did I mention that you get this guide for FREE?

Yes!  I’m confident that I can get you started in golf correctly, from the time you decide to start playing and on to the first tee box, and do it for free.

No more:

  • hopping around the internet looking for different swing videos, getting conflicting information.
  • second-guessing; just a straightforward, no-BS approach to what you need, and how to play.
  • instant buyer’s remorse from your gear

All for free!  Just click HERE!

Who Is Green Lantern Golf (AKA: GLG)?


casual Green Lantern GolfI’m Justin, and I founded Green Lantern Golf as a means to help everyday golfers like you play better and make sound equipment buying decisions.

I’ve been a golfer for over 20 years, and a fitter/builder/repairman for nearly a decade.

Check out some of my handiwork here!

Before you ask, I’m going to tell you: no, I’m not a member of either the PGA or USGA.  Why?  Why, not?  I’m qualified to join each, but what does having a shiny piece of paper do for you?  It allows me to charge more for services, true, but that’s not what GLG is all about.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my golfing life, which did kinda hinder my progress.  So, I created GLG to help keep you from making the same ones I have, and get better at a much faster pace.

I’m active on Quora if you want to check out some of my stuff there.  Kind of a resume, I suppose.

You can also find me here:

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