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Not everyone has $10k+ to drop on a launch monitor...

but that doesn't mean you can't find a way to help yourself hit longer drives!


Finding your launch angle is a necessity when trying to maximize your drives- but you don't need fancy equipment to do it!

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Why is finding your launch angle important?

If you're not getting enough height on your drives, you're not going to maximize your carry distance.

But if you get too much, you risk a balloon shot; the ball will quickly climb, but fall out of the sky just as quickly.

Somewhere in-between is the height your looking for.  But why do you need to know about launch angle?

Think of it like a gauge; if you hit the "ideal" number for your swing, you'll know you're starting the ball on the correct trajectory.  Check this out:

driver optimization chart

Every ball speed has a certain initial launch angle window that will send the ball the farthest you can hit it.  You could spend a decent chunk of change for some time on an expensive launch monitor... but if you download this free guide, you can DIY the answer for yourself!

The good news is, the majority of the things you need you'll likely already own.  If you don't, I have links* in the guide to help you round out the required items!

* The links in the guide are affiliate links; if you click and buy, I'll get a small commission.

You are under NO OBLIGATION to buy, though!  You can just use them for a

reference if you want to look at local B&M stores.

The game's about distance, right?

While you can argue that accuracy is important (and it is), there's something about hitting a driver the farthest you're physically able to.

Even just a simple tweak, like getting into that "ideal" launch window, can have a major effect on distance.  How much, though?

Take a look at this:

Click on the picture to see a larger image.  What do you see, by the way?

Here, for someone with 140 mph ball speed, they're launching the ball at less than 10 degrees.  That's too low!  This example golfer's getting about 215 yards of carry distance!

But can we do better...?

...duh, right?  Why would I bother asking?  Click the picture to see more!

With this new launch angle, right at the low end of the ideal (13 degrees), the example golfer has picked up an additional ELEVEN (11) YARDS of carry distance!

Now, I can't guarantee you'll see huge gains... putting it bluntly, that's unethical.  I can promise that, if you launch the ball in the ideal window for your ball speed, you'll definitely see something good happen to your distance!

You just have to know what your currently doing, and work to get that number in the "window"!

Get the guide and learn how to DIY your driver's launch angle!

From there, you'll be able to start hitting longer drives!

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