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Equipment Review! MG Golf DynaGrip Elite

Equipment Reviews


MG Golf Dynagrip Elite, the TL;DR version





  • As soft as any $20+ glove
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive, but not cheaply made


  • The fit in the thumb could be a little tighter

Let's take a look at the DynaGrip Elite, from MG Golf

OK, readers.  I guess I'm going to bite the bullet and do an equipment review.  If this goes well, I do have ideas for others...  OK, you got me- I'm going to do them whether this is a train wreck or not.

Today, it's going to be a review of MG Golf's DynaGrip Elite golf glove.

Here goes nothing...

dynagrip elite packaging (front)

Let's get this out of the way: these are affiliate links.  If you click a link and buy a glove, I get a small commission.  This in no way affects the cost to you, though!

Initial Impressions

First, the packaging isn't too flashy.  It's simple, but effective.  It's not until you feel the DynaGrip Elite that you start to get those "oohs" and "ahhs".

Here's a look at the back of the packaging:

dynagrip elite packaging (back)

How Does the DynaGrip Elite Rate?

Let's break it down by three criteria:

  • Fit
  • Feel
  • Price

time to get started!

How Does MG Golf's DynaGrip Elite Fit?

Honestly, it fits really well.  Helpful, right?

Well, I've been buying these three to four at a time for about four years now.  Before I discovered these, I'd bought a whole bunch of other brands.

I liked to gravitate to the "pro" style clubs.  Things like Nike's Dri-Fit Tour and FootJoy's SciFlex, for example.  I've even accidentally bought a Bionic racquetball glove and used it for a year.

Compared to those I mentioned, the DynaGrip Elite fits very similarly.  For all that I've bought, I've only had one that had a long thumb.  It wasn't that bad, either; I'd say it was no longer than 1/8" longer than the others.

So really, 13+ gloves bought, and only one had an extra-long thumb, which really wasn't that big of a deal?  I'd give it a solid 9.  


I know, I know: "feel" can be very subjective.  That's why I mentioned the two models earlier.  I'm guessing most of  you have tried some kind of "tour" golf glove at least once; if I can compare the DynaGrip Elite to one of those, you'll get a good idea what I'm talking about.

the DynaGrip Elite feels great!

With that info, it should be obvious that the feel of the DynaGrip Elite is super-soft.  

Nothing about this screams "cheap!".  It's cost-effectivenot "cheap".  I can't overstate how great this glove feels.  I've used everything from WeatherSof's to SciFlex's to Dri-Fit Tours to models made by Asher (another good brand!), all the way down to the In-Tech gloves you find at Wal-Mart.  From a scale of In-Tech's to Dri-Fit Tours, the DynaGrip's definitely rank up there in the "Dri-Fit Tour" echelon.

No, that's not a joke.

With that said, I'd give them a 10 in the "feel" category.

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As I alluded to earlier, these gloves aren't "cheap".  They just don't cost you an arm and a leg.

You can seriously get one brand-new DynaGrip Elite for around half the cost of anything offered from the "big" OEMs.  Seriously; the Tour Preferred from TMaG runs $24.99.  The DynaGrip Elite, by contrast, is less than $10!

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That price just can't be beat!

Since GLG's more about affordable golf, I'm going to be biased towards a higher score for the lower price.  Hands-down, it'd be a 10.

It Can't Be All Sunshine and Rainbows, Can It?

When it comes to this specific model, I believe so.  The "lower-tier" models, the DynaGrip and TechGrip, aren't too bad... but they don't stack up to the DynaGrip Elite.  

I've had a DynaGrip (it has a ball marker on it and white trim stitching, which helps you tell them apart) tear on me, and that's never happened with the Elite.  Granted, I was testing out a Cadet size- something lefties don't get many cracks at- which may or may not have been the reason for the tear.  Take that how you will.

The TechGrip is akin to Nike's DuraFeel or TaylorMade's Targa; not bad, but not that "tour" feel of higher-end gloves that I like, either.

Brass Tax

MG Golf used to offer the DynaGrip Elite's at $13.95, but a "buy one, get one free" deal.  They dropped that in favor of a lower single price.  Now, they're less than $10 for one glove.  Not bad, I think!

What Others Say

Looking at reviews from Amazon also tell a positive story.

It has a 4.5 out of 5 rating there.  Some of the reviews:

Just as good as glove that cost 3-5 times as much.  I’m going to buy more.

Note that fit is similar to FJ.  Some fingers are longer, so if you are between cadet and regular it might be worthwhile to buy cadet.


I got tired of playing $18 - 26 for a golf glove.  It never was some super duper thing.  Just had a name tag on it. This golf is wonderful.  It even smells good.  And you'll never wear it out.  I love it.  Thanks

-James Taylor

I will buy this glove again and again, as long as they keep making it.  Feels very similar to StaSof, but for half the price. Thanks MG, keep it up.


See?  Don't just take my word for it!  

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The Witty Conclusion

If you like that "tour" feel of high-end gloves, but don't want to pay high-end prices, give these gloves a try.  Matter of fact, check out the rest of MG Golf's offerings.  I've played the C4 Tour ball, and hope to do a review of those, as well.

What's more, they also offer them in cadet and ladies sizes!  Everyone can get an elite-level glove at an incredible price!

Check out MG Golf's website HERE.

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