Equipment Review! MG Golf DynaGrip Elite

MG Dynagrip Elite Golf Glove











  • As soft as any $20+ golf glove
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive, but not cheap


  • None. Honestly, I can't think of any.

OK, readers.  I guess I’m going to bite the bullet and do an equipment review.  If this goes well, I do have ideas for others…  OK, you got me- I’m going to do them whether this is a train wreck or not.

Today, it’s going to be MG Golf’s DynaGrip Elite golf glove.

Here goes nothing…

Before we start with this momentous (for me) occasion, I really want to stress that the things I review, I pay for.  Do you see the two little boxes over there?  I’ve been putting this off, but I think it bears mentioning that:

  • Yes, I have ad links on this site.  That’s why there’s a disclaimer.
  • No, I’m not ashamed.  A guy’s gotta make money somehow, right?
  • No, I haven’t made any money off them (yet!).

If you read my “WITB?” post, you can see that I game something from each brand, but I don’t get paid to play them, nor do I get paid to talk about them.  I have been for years now, and if I had a Tour pro’s sponsor’s contract, even for a “mid level” pro… I don’t know if I’d be here now.  Maybe I would, because I love golf, like to teach and like to write, so who knows?

Last but definitely not least, all I have is my integrity, and I won’t do anything to negatively affect that.

moving on…

The DynaGrip Elite

This is a great glove.  I’ll just come out and say it.  It’s soft, supple.  It provides a great feel for the hand, but it also provides a secure grip on the …grip.  Hmm.

Picture Time!

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite Review packaging

The Packaging

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review packaging

Back of Packaging Pt. B

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review packaging

Back of Package pt. A













As you can see, nothing terribly fancy.  It’s flimsy, but so what?  It keeps the grip from getting crud on it while it’s in the mail… that’s all I care about.


For you golfing newbs: How to Take Off Your Golf Glove- save those things from stretching!


More Pictures!

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Looks like a regular glove, dunnit?

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Nice fit to this baby!

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Yes, I’m a lefty… moving on.

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Simple, elegant, well-stitched badge













Nothing about this screams “cheap!”.  It’s cost-effective, not “cheap”.  I can’t overstate how great this glove feels.  I’ve used everything from WeatherSof’s to SciFlex’s to Dri-Fit Tours to models made by Asher (another good brand!), all the way down to the In-Tech gloves you find at Wal-Mart.  From a scale of In-Tech’s to Dri-Fit Tours, the DynaGrip’s definitely rank up there in the “Dri-Fit Tour” echelon.

No, that’s not a joke.

They’re durable, as well.  The pictures above are one of four gloves I bought for the year.

Quick tip: to make gloves last, rotate them.  I bought four of these gloves (you’ll find out why later), but normally I do three, and I rotate them every three holes.  Maybe less for not very hot days, and usually more for really hot days.

Here’s a picture of the glove I bought last year, in September:

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Still nice and soft.

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Can you see the little stain?

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

More pics of stains

MG Golf DynaGrip Elite review

Yup, I did end up changing out grips…

Mind you, I went out at least once a week from September to October, when the outdoor season ended (for me).  I did go once every other week to a local indoor driving range for range and simulator work.  I’ve also worn this grip for the two rounds I played and the one tournament I’ve entered so far (back in April).

Still nice and soft, but since I have the four new gloves, I may retire this to when I do range work before rounds or when I have the chance.


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It Can’t Be All Sunshine and Rainbows, Can It?

When it comes to this specific model, I believe so.  The lower-tier models, the DynaGrip and TechGrip, aren’t too bad… but they don’t stack up to the DynaGrip Elite.  I’ve had a DynaGrip (it has a ball marker on it and white trim stitching, which helps you tell them apart) tear on me, and that’s never happened with the Elite.  Granted, I was testing out a Cadet size- something lefties don’t get many cracks at- which may or may not have been the reason for the tear.  Take that how you will.

The TechGrip is akin to Nike’s DuraFeel or TaylorMade’s Targa; not bad, but not that “tour” feel of higher-end gloves that I like, either.

Brass Tax

Let’s get down to it: the reason that puts these over the top for me is price.  They’re $13.95, but it’s Buy One, Get One Free.  Yeah, BOGO.  You just can’t beat that!  I would pay $14+ for one, but hell yeah I’ll take two for the price of one!

UPDATE: It seems Mg Golf’s ditched the BOGO thing.  If you buy the Dynagrip Elite’s from Amazon, you’ll pay less than  $10 for one, not two for $13.95.  That’s still one helluva deal in my eyes!

<Insert Witty Conclusion HERE>

If you like that “tour” feel of high-end gloves, but don’t want to pay high-end prices, give these gloves a try.  Matter of fact, check out the rest of MG Golf’s offerings.  I’ve played the C4 Tour ball, and hope to do a review of those, as well.

What’s more, they also offer them in cadet and ladies sizes!  Everyone can get an elite-level glove at an incredible price!

Check out MG Golf HERE

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