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Equipment Review! MG Golf DynaGrip Elite

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OK, readers.  I guess I’m going to bite the bullet and do an equipment review.  If this goes well, I do have ideas for others…  OK, you got me- I’m going to do them whether this is a train wreck or not.

Today, it’s going to be MG Golf’s DynaGrip Elite golf glove.

Here goes nothing…

Before we start with this momentous (for me) occasion, I really want to stress that the things I review, I pay for.  Do you see the two little boxes over there?  I’ve been putting this off, but I think it bears mentioning that:

  • Yes, I have ad links on this site.  That’s why there’s a disclaimer.
  • No, I’m not ashamed.  A guy’s gotta make money somehow, right?
  • No, I haven’t made any money off them (yet!).

If you read my “WITB?” post, you can see that I game something from each brand, but I don’t get paid to play them, nor do I get paid to talk about them.  I have been for years now, and if I had a Tour pro’s sponsor’s contract, even for a “mid level” pro… I don’t know if I’d be here now.  Maybe I would, because I love golf, like to teach and like to write, so who knows?

Last but definitely not least, all I have is my integrity, and I won’t do anything to negatively affect that.

moving on…

The DynaGrip Elite

This is a great glove.  I’ll just come out and say it.  It’s soft, supple.  It provides a great feel for the hand, but it also provides a secure grip on the …grip.  Hmm.

Picture Time!

MG Golf DynaGrip Review

The Packaging

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Back of Packaging Pt. B

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Back of Package pt. A













As you can see, nothing terribly fancy.  It’s flimsy, but so what?  It keeps the grip from getting crud on it while it’s in the mail… that’s all I care about.

More Pictures!

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Looks like a regular glove, dunnit?

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Nice fit to this baby!

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Yes, I’m a lefty… moving on.

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Simple, elegant, well-stitched badge













Nothing about this screams “cheap!”.  It’s cost-effective, not “cheap”.  I can’t overstate how great this glove feels.  I’ve used everything from WeatherSof’s to SciFlex’s to Dri-Fit Tours to models made by Asher (another good brand!), all the way down to the In-Tech gloves you find at Wal-Mart.  From a scale of In-Tech’s to Dri-Fit Tours, the DynaGrip’s definitely rank up there in the “Dri-Fit Tour” echelon.

No, that’s not a joke.

They’re durable, as well.  The pictures above are one of four gloves I bought for the year.

Quick tip: to make gloves last, rotate them.  I bought four of these gloves (you’ll find out why later), but normally I do three, and I rotate them every three holes.  Maybe less for not very hot days, and usually more for really hot days.

Here’s a picture of the glove I bought last year, in September:

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Still nice and soft.

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Can you see the little stain?

MG Golf DynaGrip review

More pics of stains

MG Golf DynaGrip review

Yup, I did end up changing out grips…

Mind you, I went out at least once a week from September to October, when the outdoor season ended (for me).  I did go once every other week to a local indoor driving range for range and simulator work.  I’ve also worn this grip for the two rounds I played and the one tournament I’ve entered so far (back in April).

Still nice and soft, but since I have the four new gloves, I may retire this to when I do range work before rounds or when I have the chance.

It Can’t Be All Sunshine and Rainbows, Can It?

When it comes to this specific model, I believe so.  The lower-tier models, the DynaGrip and TechGrip, aren’t too bad… but they don’t stack up to the DynaGrip Elite.  I’ve had a DynaGrip (it has a ball marker on it and white trim stitching, which helps you tell them apart) tear on me, and that’s never happened with the Elite.  Granted, I was testing out a Cadet size- something lefties don’t get many cracks at- which may or may not have been the reason for the tear.  Take that how you will.

The TechGrip is akin to Nike’s DuraFeel or TaylorMade’s Targa; not bad, but not that “tour” feel of higher-end gloves that I like, either.

Brass Tax

Let’s get down to it: the reason that puts these over the top for me is price.  They’re $13.95, but it’s Buy One, Get One Free.  Yeah, BOGO.  You just can’t beat that!  I would pay $14+ for one, but hell yeah I’ll take two for the price of one!

UPDATE: It seems Mg Golf’s ditched the BOGO thing.  If you buy the Dynagrip Elite’s from Amazon, you’ll pay less than  $10 for one, not two for $13.95.  That’s still one helluva deal in my eyes!

<Insert Witty Conclusion HERE>

If you like that “tour” feel of high-end gloves, but don’t want to pay high-end prices, give these gloves a try.  Matter of fact, check out the rest of MG Golf’s offerings.  I’ve played the C4 Tour ball, and hope to do a review of those, as well.

What’s more, they also offer them in cadet and ladies sizes!  Everyone can get an elite-level glove at an incredible price!

Check out MG Golf HERE

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