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Free Tool Kit: Green Lantern Golf's Ultimate Field Guide

A fully updated guide to help you play your best golf:
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    Guidelines for the Short Game: a simple chipping chart to help you get the ball closer to the hole.
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    Tips, Tricks & Tools: The Wedge and Full Shot Matrix; two tools to help you find your exact distances!  A printable scorecard that will track your scores- and where you need the most help!
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    Easy to follow along: simple, step-by-step advice will help you create a golf game that'll help you shoot scores like never before.

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In this guide you will discover:

Interactive Tools

Find your average carry distance for every iron and wedge in your bag.  Not only that, find your half, quarter, and three-quarter wedge distances, too!

Chipping, simplified

No more guessing when it comes to chipping.  Find the ratios you need to know to get the ball to the hole- with every chipping club you have!

Take Your Field Guide Anywhere

Be sure to download the Field Guide on your mobile device, so you can take it with you wherever you practice.

Unlock Your Potential

The information you obtain is solid and dependable.  No more guessing around the greens, no more wondering if you're using the right club.  Attack the hole with confidence!

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