Example Product Gallery


My custom-built set:

Bio Cell




Integra iDriver Tour 3.5







Ping i15


 S2S Black 85




DTG S2 Pro






hybrid shafts






golf wedge

Acer XF Pro and Ray Cook










Acer iSight San MiguelSuper Stroke 3.0












University of Texas-inspired driver:

ladies driver
The business end
ladies driver
looks sharp, doesn’t it?













ladies driver








Junior drivers (for a  boy and a girl):

junior driver


junior boy's driver

boy's driver


girl's driver
see the sparkly pink ferrule?

girl's driver


I’ll do any kind of contract work:

  • Assembly from scratch, with brands/models you prefer (some limitations apply), and
  • Retrofitting, where I take a club you currently own and adjust the specs to fit you

You can email me with details on specs at GLG Fitting.  If you know what you need, that’s fine.  If you don’t, we can chat back-n-forth to figure it out!  No problems.


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