Questions About Fitting:

How Much Does a Fitting Cost?

$59 an hour, regardless if it’s driver, fairway woods, irons, whatever.  If you buy from me, that fee is waived.

How Long Does a Fitting Take?

I try my hardest to keep it under an hour, closer to 45 minutes.  In the rare instance there was a reason to go over that, you would need to give the OK first.

What Are The Essentials?

  • Grip size
  • Shaft length, weight and flex
  • Clubhead weight
  • Loft (driver)
  • Face angle (driver, if a fixed-hosel model)
  • Lie angle (irons, wedges, putter)

Do You Use A Launch Monitor?

A mini one, the Voice Caddy SC200.  The big name monitors are nice, but I’d have to justify spending $10,000 on one… and by “justify” I mean “take it out on you”.  I can get enough data from the SC200 and the ball flight to know what’s going on.

Of course, this is all subject to change…

Do You Use Video?

You bet.  Easier than trying to remember what happened, especially if I have to go back to get more information.

Why Do So Many Fitters Do Things Differently?

Because fitting is part science, part art.  One thing I will say is that we’re all trying to do right by the customer.  We just have different ideas about how to do that.

How Do You Fit People For Golf Clubs?

I focus on quality contact.  I’m looking to find the club specs that will provide the customer the ability to make squared, centered contact and send the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time.

Be Honest: Who Needs a Custom-Fit Set of Clubs?

Everyone.  From beginners to experts.  The point is to get the golfer into clubs that will HELP him/her play their best.  An ill-fitting set of clubs will create compensations in the swing, many of which only HURT him/her.

Can You Adjust My Current Clubs?

Absolutely!  It’s called “retrofitting”, and it’s no problem.  Regripping, adjusting loft and/or lie angles (except fixed-hosel woods), changing the length of the shaft… I can do whatever you need.

Questions About Golf Clubs:

Is There a “Best” Brand of Golf Clubs?

In a word, no.  If there were, wouldn’t every professional be using it?

Are Golf Clubs Improving?

Not really.  The USGA and R&A have had strict limitations on golf clubs, and they’ve been in place for a very long time.  They can make little tweaks, but there’s nothing earth-shattering.

How Do Some People Improve, Then?

They go from an ill-fitting club or set to a fitted club or set.  When you no longer have to make compensations and can swing the way you were intended, good things can happen.

Why Are Name Brand Clubs So Expensive?

Marketing, mostly.  I mean, when a club company pays someone $100 million to play their gear, where does the money come from?  The answer: you, me, and everyone else.

Do The Pros Always Play The Newest Gear?

Not always.  Some are under contract for a certain amount of clubs, some do have full-bag sponsorships.

Jerry Kelly, Tiger Woods, and Jim Furyk are two examples of pros that have won with old putters.  Henrik Stenson carries an old three wood.  That’s just off the top of my head!

Would I Play Better If I Bought a Brand New Set?

Only by a miracle.  Seriously, the chances of that happen are around 10%, according to Tom Wishon.  Why take that chance?

Are Your Clubs As Good As Theirs?

You bet.

I game clubs from all over the map; some are brand name, some you might not have ever heard of before.  For GLG, I deal mainly with Hireko Golf (which I personally love) and Tom Wishon Golf Technologies, but I’ve used stuff from Diamond Tour Golf, Reid Lockhart, and many others.

Golfers have a budget, and for many it isn’t limitless.  Whatever it is, I can find something that will help you play better golf.

One thing I will say: you will be happy with whatever you choose, because I build to more precise specs than what you’d get off-the-rack, and I take pride in my work.

Do You Have a Warranty?

Without question.  It’s a lifetime warranty; I cover breakage under normal conditions.  The only thing I don’t cover is grip wear, because they should be changed at least yearly (the more you play. the more frequently they should be replaced).

Do You Use The Big Name Clubs?

Not when building a set for the customer.  They make it difficult to acquire and are more into getting the clubs out the door.  The companies I deal with are very much into building their clubs to exact specs to benefit the customer.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Golf Club?

For a single club, no more than a day.  For a full set, about a week.

Questions About Golf Club Repair

What Services Do You Offer?

  • regripping
  • reshafting
  • length alterations
  • lie angle alterations (irons, wedges, putter)
  • adjust the driver’s hosel configuration
  • and more!

Why Should I Regrip My Clubs?

As a grip is exposed to dirt and sweat, it becomes slick.  When that happens, the golfer tends to hold on tighter, which restricts their ability to square the face at impact.

How Often Should I Replace My Grips?

Depends on how much you play.  If it’s 40+ rounds a year, at least bi-annually.  If it’s less than that, once a year.

How Long Does It Take To Regrip Clubs?

Not very.  I could do it while you wait, especially if it’s just a club or two.  If you have things to do, you could drop them off, do what you gotta do, then come back and pick them up.  I’d have no problem calling you when they’re ready.

Can You Adjust My Putter?

Of course.  Length, grip (size and model), and in most instances, loft and lie angle.

How Long Does It Take To Reshaft My Clubs?

That depends.  If I have the shaft in stock, a day.  If I have to order it, 2-3 days at least.

How Can You Adjust My Driver?

Length alterations, grip (size/style).  I can also help you find the right setting, if it’s an adjustable model.  If it’s a fixed hosel, those adjustments are severely limited, as titanium is pretty friggin’ tough.

How Much Do You Charge For All This?

You can see my price list HERE.

Questions About Coaching

How Will You Help Me Improve?

By helping you lower your score.  Remember, there’s no room on the score card for pictures; if you can develop a playable ball flight and learn to mitigate your misses, you’ll see your scores drop.

Do You Teach a Particular Method?

NoNoNoNo.  That’s a mistake.

Here’s the thing: unless you’re a professional, or are grooming yourself to become one, most likely you don’t have the time to commit to making a full-on swing change.  It’d be a fool’s errand for both of us to try to force you into a particular style, especially if you don’t have 40+ hours a week to commit the changes to muscle memory.

How Do You Help People Improve?

I focus on managing your misses, keeping the ball in play, and playing from 100 yards in.  Not an original idea by any stretch, but it’s a reliable method.

How Much Do You Charge For a Lesson?

$59 an hour, though you can also pay $30 for a half hour.

I also charge $80 for a 1.5 hour playing session.  Basically, that’s us playing nine holes, with me instructing you on how to improve.