Find the Right Golf Club For YOU!

Tired of Buying Golf Clubs, But Not Finding "The One"?

Golf clubs can be too expensive to risk getting Buyer's Remorse.

You wanna get the right tools to help you shoot lower scores, but how do you do it with confidence?

You get my Definitive Guide to Buying Golf Clubs!

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What You'll Learn:

  • What the "38/24 Rule" is, and why you need to know it
  • How to buy golf clubs online easily
  • Why disregarding the "Little Guy" brands could be a mistake

and more!

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Who Is Green Lantern Golf?

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Green Lantern Golf is TRUE Certified!

I’m Justin, and I founded Green Lantern Golf as a means to help everyday golfers like you play better and make sound equipment buying decisions.

I’ve been a golfer for 20 years, and a fitter/builder/repairman for over a decade.

Check out some of my handiwork here!

Before you ask, I’m going to tell you: no, I’m not a member of either the PGA or USGA.  Why?  Why, not?  I’m qualified to join each, but what does having a shiny piece of paper do for you?  It allows me to charge more for services, true, but that’s not what GLG is all about.

I want to grow the game, not make it less inclusive.

I’m also ranked #1 on Yahoo! Answer’s Golf  section, and active on Quora.  Kind of a resume, if you’d like to check out more about me.

Get FREE Access to The Definitive Guide to Buying Golf Clubs HERE!