Find the Right Golf Club For YOU!


In the market for a new golf club, or set of clubs?  On a tight budget?

Let Green Lantern Golf’s thorough understanding of golf clubs light the way!

At GLG you’ll find out:

  • Which golf clubs are best for you- and why- to help you lower your scores
  • What the differences, if any, are between “big” name brands and lesser-known brands
  • Why you should get fitted for golf clubs, regardless of skill or time spent playing.

Ever find yourself wandering the golf section of a sporting goods store, looking longingly over all those golf clubs?  Ever stop yourself and say “I’m not good enough for this golf club”, or “this one’s too expensive”?

Well, that stops today.

It doesn’t matter what you score, or what your budget is- there’s a golf club for you out there.  We at GLG know this, and can help you find your perfect golf club!

Imagine holding that perfect golf club in your hand.  This golf club has been meticulously fitted to your exact specifications:

  • The length is just right, allowing you more impacts with the “sweet spot”
  • The loft’s set to maximize your carry distance for your swing speed
  • The swing weight’s not too heavy, not too light, which means it feels good in your hands.  Impact feels good.

And a kicker: what if you could learn how to do that yourself?

GLG is About Empowering You.

Yes, I can show you how to buy a fully-assembled club, but I can also show you how to build your own!

It’s all a matter of cost.  I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so you can trust that what I show you isn’t some kind of pseudobabble.  I can show you where to buy your components, how to measure yourself, and how to put everything together.

Besides, isn’t there some sense of pride in DIY?

Regardless of what aspect of the clubs you’re interested in, GLG can help you.

Just sign up for the newsletter and get started!

Who Is Green Lantern Golf?

green lantern golfieI’m Justin, and I founded Green Lantern Golf as a means to help everyday golfers like you play better and make sound equipment buying decisions.

I’ve been a golfer for 20 years, and a fitter/builder/repairman for nearly a decade.

Check out some of my handiwork here!

Before you ask, I’m going to tell you: no, I’m not a member of either the PGA or USGA.  Why?  Why, not?  I’m qualified to join each, but what does having a shiny piece of paper do for you?  It allows me to charge more for services, true, but that’s not what GLG is all about.

I want to grow the game, not make it less inclusive.

I’m also ranked #1 on Yahoo! Answer’s Golf  section, and active on Quora.  Kind of a resume, if you’d like to check out more about me.