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Fix a Slice with Simple Pictures

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The slice is the #1 issue with golfers.  Finding a simple, solid method to fix a slice is an important step to playing good golf.

Some claim that anywhere between 80 and 90 percent of all golfers struggle with it!  It just so happens I have a very easy method to help you fix a slice!

This is an easy visual aid to see what causes, and how to correct the banana ball!


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open face equals slice!

When you slice, the face is open to the intended target line.

You need to be aware of two facts:

  1. The swing path is responsible for the initial 20% of the ball’s flight plan.
  2. The clubface is responsible for the remaining 80% (!) of the ball’s flight.

If you’re looking to fix a slice, it’s important that you work on squaring the clubface at impact.

When we throw swing path in, you get pulls, pushes and straight paths.

When we relate it to the slice, we get three possible outcomes:

  • Pull-Slice, where the ball starts left but curves back to the right
  • Push-Slice, where the ball starts right and curves further right
  • Fade, where the ball starts straight, but slightly curves to the right

NOTE: this assumes you’re right-handed.  If you’re a lefty, reverse everything.  For example, the Pull-Slice starts to the right, but because the face is open, it curves to the left.

The pull-slice comes from the “dreaded” outside-in swing path.  I’m not going to totally rock the cradle and say that an outside-in path isn’t bad, but in some situations it really isn’t as nasty as some make it out to be.

But think about this for a second:

You’re stuck in the round with a slice, and can’t get out of it to practice.  What’s wrong with playing the ball flight?  You know you’re slicing, so just play the pull-slice; it’ll start left, but curve right, back to the fairway!

It’s not a perfect solution, but in an emergency it works.

fix a slice

This is what an ideal clubface-to-ball impact relationship looks like. When the ball’s hit correctly, it’s square to the target line (the arrow). No more slice!

In a perfect world, this is what you want your clubface to look like at impact.  So the question becomes:


How the hell do you do it?

The "L" will fix your slice

As you take the club back, your forearm and the club forms a natural “L” shape.  Create a mirror-image “L” on  the other side and you’ll guarantee a square face at impact!

When you work to Fix a slice, a good way to beat it is to learn how to hit a draw.  Why not use this checklist to help you do that?

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