Flightscope Mevo vs SC200 from Voice Caddy

People look for a comparison between the Flightscope Mevo and the Voice Caddy SC200.

It's understandable; they're both personal launch monitors at fairly affordable prices.

With more and more people looking to help their games from home, it makes sense that these two models would catch a lot of attention.

Going into this, there needs to be an understanding: neither of these are something like a Trackman (which I don't even own, myself).  They don't have the same technology as something like that, not when both price tags added together are still $20,000+ less than a Trackman.

So if you're on the fence, wondering what the difference between a Flightscope Mevo and SC200 are, here we go...

First, you'll get a quick introduction with some links to buy, if you choose to.  After that, we'll go over some pros for both the Mevo and the SC200.  Then, we'll get into the cons (because, you know, we kinda got to).  We'll finish it up with a quick summary, and hopefully by then you'll have your mind made up in this whole "flightscope mevo vs. SC200" debate!

The Pros of the Flightscope Mevo and SC200


  • Small form factor; can even fit in your pocket
  • Easy to use, if your phone's Bluetooth is good 
  • Many elements of ballflight captured


  • "Plug and Play"; no wires or devices to connect to
  • Radar-based technology, just like the Trackman
  • Lots of value for little cost (compared to other devices)

And, of course, the cons...


  • No "sidespin"(*) numbers
  • Backspin, but silver stickers needed


  • No "sidespin"(*) numbers
  • No backspin numbers

Yes, we realize "sidespin" is not a real thing.  It's just easier to type, say, and visualize "sidespin" as opposed to "tilted vertical axis".  Thank you for understanding.

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Flightscope Mevo vs SC200: who do you got?

If you're looking for an introductory launch monitor that won't break your bank, the SC200 is probably your best bet.

It doesn't give you lots of info, but it does give you what you need:

  • Carry distance
  • Club head speed (based on carry distance, ball speed, and club selected)
  • Smash Factor (ball speed/clubhead speed)

Couple this info with impact labels, sunscreen, and this setup to find your launch angle you can see how well you're impacting the ball, even with an in-home practice area.  Just make sure you have enough room for your swing, is all (generally, that's 8-10 feet in height, if you're wondering).

If you have a little extra money found between the cushions of your couch, and need just a bit more info (or do you?), the Mevo will likely be the best option.  The only PITA part would probably be putting those stickers on every ball.  But hey, if you're indoors, you shouldn't have to do too many, since they should be hit into a net.

The space requirements are a little different for the Mevo, though.  Per Flightscope's Mevo FAQ page:

Yes, mevo can be used indoors and outdoors. The space requirements for indoors is 8 feet of ball flight and 4-7 feet behind the impact. In total you will need up to 15 feet of space.

Not terrible, though.  A decent garage would suffice.

A little bit about impact labels/sunscreen: you can tell if your club's face was open, closed, or square to the target by the quality of the ball's imprint. 

Ideally, the imprint should look like this:

impact labels with clear marks

Get these impact labels here!

Notice how the marks are clear?  While the golfer didn't hit the "sweet spot", he did hit the ball squarely.

If the marks were smeared, he'd have opened or closed the face.

  • Mark smeared towards the toe = open club face
  • Mark smeared towards the heel = closed club face

What would you choose?

If you had the notion, which would you choose: the Flightscope Mevo, or the Voice Caddy SC200?  Or maybe something else?

Let me know in the comments!

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