Supercharge Your Game with Penley Golf Shafts!

Green Lantern Golf offers Penley golf shafts as an upgrade to the “standard” process.

Penley Bird Of Prey Green Lantern Golf

While I can get the majority of golf shafts to suit your needs, Penley is a Green Lantern Golf exclusive, available in the Store

What is Penley Golf?

Here's the man himself, Carter Penley, to give a little info:

Did I mention that these are 100% Made in the USA?

You bet!  A direct quote from Penley’s Troy Anderson:

 “Some shafts claim to be USA manufactured, but they really aren’t. They make blanks outside the USA and finish them here, then claim it’s USA made”. -Troy Anderson, Penley Golf

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That's not what you'll be getting if you buy Penley- it's 100% made in the USA!

Speaking of Mr. Anderson, here's a quick Q&A video he did:

Did you read "Mr. Anderson" like Mr. Smith in The Matrix?  I know I do that...

Anyway, here's another video of Mr. Anderson (I bet you did it this time!), explaining Penley's patented TBAR algorithm:

Did you know there's also a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?  Yeah!!!

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that, if you want a Penley shaft, I can hook you up!  I’m offering the “Penley Plug & Play” deal:

If you want a Penley shaft with a specific tip adapter, contact me and I can get it!  Whatever you're gaming, I can get it!

If you don’t know, contact me and I can help you decide which Penley shaft is right for you, as well.

If you’re in the SW MI area, contact me (email or by phone) and we can set up a demo session, where you can test out several Penley options!

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