While an in-person fitting is ideal, it's possible to get a custom-fit set of clubs that will improve your game online.

And I'm the guy that can do it for you!

Step One: The Fitting Form

It's an important first step to getting the right fit for your new sticks.

In short, it should be the foundation to which everything's built on.  To get started with it, all you have to do is click the button below!

Step Two: Choose Your Gear

From there, it's time to choose your gear.  I have a personal affinity for these brands:

twgt logo
hireko golf logo
Penley Bird Of Prey Green Lantern Golf
P2 putter grips

But keep in mind that I'm not limited to these brands.  A few more examples:

  • Alpha Golf
  • Dynacraft Golf
  • PURE Grips
  • SK Fiber Shafts
  • AXE Shafts

And more!

Step Three: The Interview

The fitting form requires an email signup.  Yes, you'll be receiving articles and stuff from me, but I'll also be talking to you one-on-one to fine-tune your fit.

NOTE ONE: You do not have to go through this process.  While I discourage it, you can always just contact me.  We'll go through the one-on-one, and I'll get to work on what you want done.

NOTE TWO: You do not have to go through the one-on-one process.  While this is what I'd consider a last-ditch effort to avoid an email signup, it's still possible to have a club or set of clubs built.  The catch is, they'll be built to my specifications, what I call HERO SPECS.

Choose Your Club-Building Plan!

Plan A:

Cost of components plus $15 per club*

Plan B:

Cost of components plus $25 per club*

Plan C:

Cost of components plus $35 per club*

* Denotes set price.  This is the price you pay per club if you buy a set of clubs.

If you buy on an individual club basis, the cost to you is the price of the components plus $25 per club.

In all cases, we unconditionally guarantee the clubs for material failure and workmanship, but NOT for playability or damage due to fair wear and tear or abuse.

Bear in mind that the club is my second product.  My primary product is my service.

 I am here to do the very best job I can to help improve your game.

If you have a problem with a club, you can come back to me and get immediate service.  You don't have to wait 2-3 weeks for service from a faceless, no-name employee of an international conglomerate!

​​​What's the difference?

Plan A: 

We determine the specs.  No fitting form will be required.  This is, in a nutshell, a basic assembly procedure.

Plan B:

This plan includes all the aspects of Plan A plus swingweight matching, grip weight matching, and shaft pre-assembly flex testing by frequency meter. We make every effort to match the shaft CPMs, but if our inventory level won't allow this, the most flexible shafts go in the longer clubs and the stiffest go in the shortest clubs. A frequency meter will be used to test flex.

Plan C: 

This is our pro-line service where we do everything we can possibly do to match the clubs to each other and the client's requirements. In addition to all the aspects of Plans A and B, we spend as much time as reasonably necessary interviewing the client and evaluating their swing (if the golfer is an in-person client).  All

components are gram weight checked and matched. Each shaft is critically examined for weight and balance point and tested for flex characteristics and best orientation in the frequency meter prior to trimming.  After assembly each club's loft is checked against the design specification and adjusted if necessary. We also dynamic lie adjust every club to the customer's swing. 

If you're in the SW Michigan or NE Indiana area (or plan on traveling there), I offer in-person fittings.

Call (269-535-0226) or email me to set up an appointment.  The choices for clubs are the same as in person as it is online. 

Green Lantern Golf also offers a Retrofitting service!


$2.99/grip, $19/set*

Loft/Lie Adjustment




Modify Club Length


Modify Swing Weight



* Price does not include the cost of new grips; those'll also need to be bought, even for reshafts.

** Every effort will be made to match the new shaft to the old, if that's what you want.

*** Note that weight can be removed... but it's not encouraged.  Grinding away metal to reduce swing weight can alter a club's playability.  Please note that this alteration can not be undone!