While an in-person fitting is ideal, it's possible to get a custom-fit set of clubs that will improve your game online.

And I'm the guy that can do it for you!

Step One: The Fitting Form

It's an important first step to getting the right fit for your new sticks.

In short, it should be the foundation to which everything's built on.  To get started with it, all you have to do is click the button below!

Step Two: Choose Your Gear

From there, it's time to choose your gear.  I have a personal affinity for these brands:

twgt logo
hireko golf logo
Penley Bird Of Prey Green Lantern Golf
P2 putter grips

But keep in mind that I'm not limited to these brands.  A few more examples:

  • Alpha Golf
  • Dynacraft Golf
  • PURE Grips
  • SK Fiber Shafts
  • AXE Shafts

And more!

Step Three: The Interview

The fitting form requires an email signup.  Yes, you'll be receiving articles and stuff from me, but I'll also be talking to you one-on-one to fine-tune your fit.

NOTE ONE: You do not have to go through this process.  While I discourage it, you can always just contact me.  We'll go through the one-on-one, and I'll get to work on what you want done.

NOTE TWO: You do not have to go through the one-on-one process.  While this is what I'd consider a last-ditch effort to avoid an email signup, it's still possible to have a club or set of clubs built.  The catch is, they'll be built to my specifications.


Set of 7 irons


Wedges (each)


Hybrids (each)


Fairway Woods (each)






This is the base price for each style of club, using Acer (Hireko) heads and TWGT S2S graphite and steel shafts.  

Please expect the cost to increase with any upgrades.  I have in-house options, like Penley graphite shafts and P2 putting grips, but those are options among a plethora of others.

If you're in the SW Michigan or NE Indiana area (or plan on traveling to the area), I offer in-person fittings.

Call (269-535-0226) or email me to set up an appointment.  The choices for clubs are the same as in person as it is online. 

Green Lantern Golf also offers a Retrofitting service!


$2.99/grip, $19/set*

Loft/Lie Adjustment




Modify Club Length


Modify Swing Weight



* Price does not include the cost of new grips; those'll also need to be bought.

** A new grip will also need to be purchased.

*** Note that weight can be removed... but it's not encouraged.  Grinding away metal to reduce swing weight can alter a club's playability.  Please note that this alteration can not be undone!