Usually, an in-person fitting is the best way to get fitted for your sticks.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way.  I’ve been around the block enough to know that an online fitting, like mine, will get you pretty damn close.

I don’t deal with the brands you see on TV; I like to use the brands you don’t.  Like these:






GLG custom fitting costs

Penley Golf Shafts


Other brands available to you through Green Lantern Golf:

  • Alpha
  • Dynacraft
  • PURE Grips
  • SK Fiber shafts
  • AXE shafts

And more!


Please note that this is a custom-made operation, much like suits with tailors.  I have a limited amount of stock, which helps keep your costs low.  Allow two weeks for your items to ship.

I won’t make sacrifices to the quality of the build- or your satisfaction. 

If you’re buying online:

I would prefer you fill out my online fitting form (it’s free!).  That will give me a head’s up as to what you need.

From there, I’ll shoot you an email (NOTE: if you forego the fitting form, simply email me* to start the process), and we’ll discuss what brands, model styles, etc., would be best for you and your budget.

You have the option to go without a fitting.  Clubs will be built to my specs.


Set of 7 irons
Wedges (each)
Hybrids (each)
Fairway Woods (each)






This is the base price for each style of club, using Acer (Hireko) heads and TWGT S2S graphite and steel shafts.  

Please expect the cost to increase with any upgrades.  I have in-house options, like Penley graphite shafts and P2 putting grips, but those are options among a plethora of others.

As an example, let’s say you want a driver.

The base price is $200, but you want a Penley ET3 Quasar shaft and Golf Pride MCC grips.

  • Price of the ET3 shaft: $249
  • Price of GP MCC grips: $10.19

The new cost of the driver would be $329.  That’s the cost-differential between the S2S shaft that comes in the base option and the Penley shaft that was chosen.

The cost of the fitting (if applicable) is included. 

If you’re in the SW Michigan or NE Indiana area (or plan on traveling to the area), I offer in-person fittings.

Call (269-535-0226) or email me to set up an appointment.  The choices for clubs are the same as in person as it is online.  Speaking of…

This is an investment, and it’s my job to make sure you’re satisfied.  With that said, there’s a Lifetime Guarantee on all custom-built clubs.

I’m here to help!

*While I’d love it if you call, email is usually better because it’s similar to note-taking.  Everything’s there in black and white, and I can refer back to the emails if I have any unforeseen issues.