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Dominant (gloved) Hand Size:

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Handicap or Average Score (specify if it's handicap or score)?

Handicap (or Score) Trending

Rounds Played A Month

Any Individualized Practice?

Any Physical Limitations?

Playing Characteristics

Typical Driver Miss (check what applies):
SliceHookPushPullTopped ShotFat ShotToo HighToo LowStraight, But Not SolidInconsistent

How Confident Are You With the Driver?

How Does Your Driver Feel (check what applies)?
Too HeavyToo LightClubhead Feels HeavyClubhead Feels LightUnsure

Typical Iron Miss
SliceHookPushPullTopped ShotFat ShotToo HighToo LowStraight, But Not SolidInconsistent

Typical Tendency When Using Long-to-Mid Irons

Typical Tendency When Using A Short Iron or Wedge

What is the longest iron you hit with confidence?

Does The Weight of Your Irons Feel

How Confident Are You in Bunkers?

Do You Have A Favorite Club?

If so, which one?

Goals, Wants & Expectations

Immediate Goals:

I Want To (check all that apply):
Hit the Ball HigherHit the Ball LowerStop Slicing the BallStop Hooking the BallStop Pushing the BallStop Pulling the BallHit the Ball StraighterHit the Ball LongerMore Consistency w/ DriverMore Consistency w/IronsHit Irons LongerHit Irons More Accurately

Equipment Specifics

Grip Preference:
CordHalf-Cord (ie: Golf Pride MCC)Synthetic (ie: Winn models, PURE Tour Wrap)Rubber (ie: Black Widow Tour Silk, Golf Pride Tour Velvet)No PreferenceOther
If "other", which one?

Shaft Preference:



Fairway Woods


Any Favorite Wood Shaft (past or present)?

Any Favorite Iron Shaft (past or present)?

Any Favorite Hybrid Shaft (past or present)?

About Your Current Set:

If modified, how?

Describe Your Driver as Best You Can:

Fairway Woods

If modified, how?

Describe Your Fairway Woods as Best You Can:


If modified, how?

Describe Your Hybrids as Best You Can:


If modified, how?

Describe Your Irons as Best You Can


If modified, how?

Describe Your Wedges as Best You Can

Your Swing:

Clubhead Speed, in mph (if known):

Club Used For 150 Yard Shots:

Swing Tempo
Release Point
How Strong Are You?

Where Is Your Divot?

Regarding The Ball, When Teed Up For Driver Shots:

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Fitting Wrist to Floor
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