GLG’s Guide to Better Golf NOW

I know time is precious, but the goal is to play better golf.  With work and family obligations, that can be difficult.

I get it… family is my #1 priority, too.

But what if I said there were things you could do- some from the comfort of your home; others, the (relative) comfort of your back yard- that can help you shave strokes from your game?

Well… look no further.  GLG’s Guide to Better Golf NOW is that solution!

GLG's Guide to Better Golf NOW 1


It took me a long time and a lot of hard work to figure out the things I know now… and I want to pass that information on to you.

Think about Martial Arts masters: how much time do you think they spend working on the super-crazy moves?  The answer is ‘very little’.

FUNDAMENTALS are where they spend the vast majority of their time.

That’s what GLG’s Guide to Better Golf NOW focuses on!

We’ll be looking at things like:

  • Posture
  • Alignment
  • the Backswing
  • and more…

Seriously, these are things you can work on, virtually anywhere, that can get you playing your best!

  • Waiting for the grill to heat up?  Work on your game!
  • TV time out during Monday night football?  Work on your game!
  • Finished reading that magazine?  Use it to work on your game!

Why not give it a try?  Normally, it’s $39; but with this special offer, it’s only $7!  What’ve you got to lose?

GLG's Guide to Better Golf NOW 3