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Golf and Hunting Can Coexist!



Golf and Hunting CAN Coexist!

I'm sure I'm not surprising anyone here, but golfers can be hunters and hunters can be golfers.

The two aren't mutually exclusive.

But did you know you can COMBINE the two?!

surprised that golf and hunting can coexist

I know, right?!?!?!?!

But wait- how can you make it work?

Well, I'm not sure you're gonna want to take your driver to the field with you, so it might be a better idea to take your hunting spirit to the course.

And here's how to do it!

Start mixing golf and hunting by incorporating it into your style choices!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 1Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 2

Zero Friction Night Camo Golf Glove

Start it off with a golf glove, from reliable brand Zero Friction.  For $14, you can start to show your love for all things golf!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 3Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 4

Adidas Tour Mesh Camo Fitted Hat

Wear some camo on your head, for only $13!  It has two things going for it, in my opinion:

  1.  It's fitted, meaning no straps of snaps
  2. It's mesh, so it's breathable!
Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 5Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 6

Craftsman Golf Camo Headcover​​​​​

A little love for your clubs!  This headcover will protect any regulation-sized (read: 460cc or less) driver you have!

Craftsman has a nice following on Instagram, and they make quality stuff.

Next, mix in a bag to carry your clubs in.

Here's a few choices:

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 7Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 8

Sun Mountain C-130 Camo Cart Bag

Mix in a little "hunter orange" to get a stylish look!  A few features of this bag:

  • 14-way divider
  • Two Velcro straps to help secure it to the cart
  • 10 pockets- two valuables, a cooler pocket, three velour-lined pockets (one is waterproof)

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 9Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 10

Ping Camo Hoofer Bag

The Hoofer bag is a simple, but effective, means to carrying your clubs on the course., all for $150!  Features include:

  • 5-way divider top
  • Water-resistant pockets
  • Sliding strap, for extra comfort
Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 11Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 12

Pinemeadow Hunter Camo Carry Bag

A more affordable option at less than $80, Pinemeadow Golf offers a stylish, yet still effective, carry bag!  Features include:

  • 6-way full-length dividers
  • 4 zippered pockets and 8 storage areas
  • Padded hip and shoulder pads for extra comfort!

What about on-course accessories?

If you're asking "there can't be more, can there?", guess what?  There is!

I'm talking clubs, rangefinders, divot tools... there's plenty of ways to mix your love for golf and hunting together.

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 13Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 14

"Birdie Hunter" Camo Divot Repair Tool

This "switchblade" style repair tool also comes with a Hunter's Orange ball marker.  It can be yours for less than $15!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 15Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 16

Ade Advanced Optics Rangefinder

You don't need a golf-specific rangefinder to get your yardages on the course.  This rangefinder is geared towards hunting, but it can pull double-duty on the golf course, as well!

Customize your golf gear, as well!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 17Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 18

Realtree Camo Putter Grip

A simple putter regrip (which I can do), is all you need to show your love for both golf and hunting!  Get this grip from Hireko Golf (via Amazon), for less than $15! 

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 19Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 20

Iomic Sticky Camo Grip

Put these bad boys on all your clubs!  I've gamed Iomics in the past, and while they're on the expensive side at almost $14 each, they do offer very good grip-slip protection.

Get them here!

mix golf and hunting with a camo golf shaft!

UST-Mamiya ProForce V5 Golf Shaft

If you buy this shaft through this link, you'll be sent to get it in R flex.  

If you'd rather have it in S, click here.

If you need an A or X, you might wanna look for something else.

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 21Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 22

Pinemeadow Command W7X Golf Driver w/ Realtree Crown

I've gamed Pinemeadow gear in the past, and I like their stuff.

The drawbacks to this driver, if bought through Amazon, is there are no options.  R-flex shaft, set length, one loft option (10d).  If that's you, great!

But if it's not you, maybe check out their website for more customization options.

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 23Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 24

Pinemeadow Golf Xtra Realtree Camo Hybrid

This 19d hybrid comes with a matte black, low-torque shaft and velvet-style grip.

You can buy it as-is here, but as with the driver, you might want to check out their website for a few more customization options.

If you'd rather have a 4H, click here!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 25Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 26

Pinemeadow Golf Xtra Realtree Fairway Wood

I'm gonna sound like a broken record, but there's only one option if you buy this fairway wood here.  Check their website for more options!  Anyway, some features:

  • 15d loft
  • R-flex, matte black shaft
  • Velvet-style black grip
Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 27Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 28

Pinemeadow Realtree Camo Putter

To round it out, grab this camo putter!  Comes in 34", and has the "Deer Antler" logo on the heel side of the face, which is pretty sick!

Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 29Golf and Hunting Can Coexist! 30

Ping Ketsch Realtree PLD2 Putter

If you've got a little more money to spend on a putter, this Ping Ketsch can be had for less than $370.  It comes with a Hunter's Orange paintfilled grip, too!

Not everyone likes Pinemeadow golf clubs, or they're afraid of using clones.  That's OK, and you can still mix your love for golf and hunting by visiting Big Wigz.

They offer skins you can apply over your golf club head.  They do a lot of different kinds, but they also have five different camo options:

What's more, if you're a lefty you can rejoice in the fact they cater to us!  You can get any of these camo-style driver skins in left hand as well as right hand!  If you really like your current woods, or don't want to go with something other than name-brand, check these out!

If you're truly a lover of both golf and hunting, there's plenty of ways to show it.

As you can see, there are a lot of options.  It really depends on how into it you really are.  

Whether it's a subtle nod or full-blown obsession, either end of the spectrum is covered!

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