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Golf Club Fitting Articles!

Everything you wanted to know about golf club fitting... and probably some stuff you didn't know you wanted!

I've been doing this a long time, longer than I've been on the internet.  I've religiously studied the works of the masters: Wishon, Maltby, Summitt, and Sheets.  The "Common Sense" approach is the best, I feel, and I want to convey that to you, the reader.

Common Sense Golf Club Fitting

I try to shy away from techie-talk.  It may make me sound smart... but will it help you?  I don't believe so. 

I'll do my best to explain things like a Layman; that way, you can integrate what you learn here into your everyday golfing life if you choose to.  

Common Sense Approach

Will it work?  Won't it work?  Does it even matter?

I'll guide you to the answer you need!  If you're wandering in the dark about golf clubs, look no further!

Hidden Gems

The big names are great, but there are tons of other brands out there that will perform without breaking the bank.

Find out some of my trusted brands!

No-BS Club Fitting/Repair

I prefer a "straight-shooter" method.  No flashy gimmicks, no crazy promises.  

We'll go over stuff in a No-BS manner, right to the point, so you can get what you need.

Common-Sense Golf Club Fitting

Articles about golf club fitting, building, repair, and more!  Find out what you need to either have a good experience with your local fitter, or to Do It Yourself.

Buy the Right Clubs for Your Game

Going it alone?  Use these resources to help navigate the world of golf clubs, and find the right sticks for your swing and body type!

Simple and easy.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck:

Focus & Action

If you're thinking about getting a golf club fitting, or want a better experience than the last one, check out this guide!  

In it, you'll get the 13 questions you need to ask to maximize the experience.  Find out about lie angles, specs to change that will actually help you hit longer and straighter shots, and more!

my ugly mug

About the Author

I've been golfing a long time.  Been a golf club fitter, builder, and repairman nearly as long.

When I'm not reading things like Common Sense Clubfitting or Golf Club Fitting & Performance, I'm watching Star Wars or MCU movies, reading fantasy novels like LOTR or the Forgotten Realms series, or listening to some of my favorite bands, like Deftones and Queen.

If you live in the SW MI area, drop me a line or write me an email!  I can do custom fitting, club building, or whatever repair needs you may need.  If you don't live in the area, we can make it work!

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