Green Lantern Golf Offers Custom Clubfitting, Building, and Repair

Custom Club Fitting and Building

My club building (and retrofitting, which we'll get to in a bit) is based around what I call The Ten Pillars of Club Fitting.

It's the ten aspects of the golf club that, when fitted/altered, have the most impact on your game.

If it sounds like I'm speaking a foreign language, check out my article on how to really buy golf clubs.  If you're ready, keep reading!

Ten Pillars of Golf Club Fitting- Green Lantern Golf
  • Step Two: Choose Your Gear
  • Step Three: The Interview

It's an important first step to getting the right fit for your new sticks.

In short, if you truly want to hit longer, straighter golf shots, it should be the foundation to which everything's built on.  

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Green Lantern Golf also offers a Retrofitting service!

What is "retrofitting"?  It's taking your older or current gear and breathing some new life into it. 

Here's an article I wrote about it.

Basically, if your swing changes, but you don't want to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new set of irons, it's possible that only a simple lie angle change can get you back to hitting solid shots that fly far and true.

Retrofitting Services and Costs

Regrip- $2.99/grip, $19/set*

Loft/Lie Adjustment- $4.99/head

Reshaft- $14.99/head**

Modify Club Length- $10.99/club

Modify Swing Weight- $5.99/club***

The Procedure

To get started, just contact me.  Let me know what you want done.  If you're unsure, I'll ask you some questions about your game, and based on the answers I'll come up with a plan.  If you agree, I'll send you and invoice.  After I receive your clubs, I'll work my magic.

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