Equipment Reviews!

A hub for all of my golf equipment reviews!

These reviews are all from golf equipment I've paid for with my own money.  No sponsorships.  No special deals.  No freebies.  Just honest takes on the stuff I've used over the course of my golfing life that I hope can help you if you're interested in trying/buying something.

The Little Red Book That Changed My (Golfing) Life

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, the TL;DR VersionEase of ReadUsefulness of InfoPracticalityHarvey

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Note that, while these are reviews of stuff I've bought, I have included affiliate links where I could honestly fit them in.  The reality is, the payouts are a pittance... but any little bit that can help keep the site running while allowing me to keep its integrity intact is money I can't let slip by.  Remember: you are under no obligation to buy!

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