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Golf Equipment Reviews

Do you want unbiased golf equipment reviews?  Look no further!

Everything I review is either bought for personal use, or utilized for a customer.  There's no wondering if I'm getting some back-room deal out of knowing if I like something.  If I say it's good, it's because I truly believe it is!

Unbiased Reviews of Golf Equipment

Serving you comes first.  I want the things that I review to be as true to me and Green Lantern Golf's values as it possibly can be; that's why I use my own money on golf products.  I have a real, vested stake in what I feel about the thing I'm reviewing.

The No-BS Approach

Anything I review has been used by me, for quite some time.  No "first reactions", no "I heard somewhere..." or "unboxing" stuff.  

Products aren't exactly new when I make a post, but I don't review things until I've had plenty of time to evaluate it.

Personal Investment

I own/owned everything I review, with some exceptions being feedback from customers.

The easy route is to just pick stuff at random, write what I think or feel about it... but that's not me.  That's not what you need.

 If I like it, I really like it!


Some are niche products, at good price points.  

I don't get stuff for free, and neither do you.

If you can't afford $200 shoes, or a $10,000 personal launch monitor, you still deserve to know it the things you can afford are helpful.

Golf Club & Component Reviews

Don't expect too many big-name golf club brands here.  I spend my own money (no special deals), so I'm not always out buying things haphazardly.  But more will be added, I promise!  Until then, check out what I do have:

Golf Equipment Reviews; Non-Club Edition

You can check out the golf club and component reviews in the other column, but this one is dedicated to non-club stuff.  Personal launch monitors, books, and more!

Simple and easy.

Best Practices for Buying Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are a big investment.  $300+ for a driver, $600 to $1500+ for a set of irons... it can get crazy!

Make sure you're buying what you actually need with this free guide!

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About the Author

I've been golfing a long time.  Been a golf club fitter, builder, and repairman nearly as long.

When I'm not reading things like Common Sense Clubfitting or Golf Club Fitting & Performance, I'm watching Star Wars or MCU movies, reading fantasy novels like LOTR or the Forgotten Realms series, or listening to some of my favorite bands, like Deftones and Queen.

If you live in the SW MI area, drop me a line or write me an email!  I can do custom fitting, club building, or whatever repair needs you may need.  If you don't live in the area, we can make it work!

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