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flightscope mevo

REVIEW: Flightscope Mevo: The Flightscope Mevo is a relatively affordable personal launch monitor that pairs with your smartphone, via Bluetooth, to give you all the necessary info to see if your gear or swing changes are having an effect on your performance.  On a scale of 1-5, how does it rate?





REVIEW: Golf Pride Tour SNSR Putter Grip:  This pistol-style grip is tacky and large, but will fit most golfer’s hands comfortably.  On a scale of 1-5, where does it rank?





REVIEW: Voice Caddy SC200: In the market for a personal launch monitor? Why not give the Voice Caddy SC200 a look? Here, GLG reviews it to let you know if it’s a good buy or not!





Review: The Tidy Golfer!  Here’s GLG’s unpaid for, unsolicited review of the Tidy Golfer. If you’re looking for something different that does what it says, this is what you need.





Review: MG Golf’s DynaGrip Elite: Is price point an important part of finding a glove? A review of MG Golf’s DynaGrip Elite. Another unsolicited (and unpaid…) equipment review!





DTG Inazone XC-7Review: Diamond Tour Golf’s Inazone XC-7 Putter: In this post, I review today is the Inazone XC-7 putter. I’m gonna just put it out right now: the XC-7 is a clone putter. But who cares? You shouldn’t.





5 Golf GiftsUnder $50: The “gold standard” gift, golf balls, is never a bad idea. GLG’s giving you ideas- 5 golf gifts, under $50, with a more “off the beaten path” feel to them!





7 Golf Books That Can Fix Your Game! There are tons of golf books on the market. There’s good ones, but there’s bad ones, as well. Here are seven books I’ve read that I think will help you out!




Golf Shafts Under $50Ten Golf Shafts Under $50!  You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good golf shaft!  Here’s ten options, and none of them are even a C-Note!