Tips, tricks, and other golf lessons I’ve learned- stuff I think will help you play better golf!


A Simple Golf Distance Chart

Ever wondered where you stack up with the “average” golfer?  This chart can show you!




5 Golf Driving Tips: While the short game may be the key to lower scores, a good drive can help set the tone for each hole. Here’s 5 golf driving tips to help you get started!




Golf: 5 Reasons Why You Suck At It, And How to Fix That: It’s no big surprise that you suck at golf. You’re not alone, and you shouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Let’s find out how to fix this!



green lantern golfCan Math Help You Break 100? For you technophiles, let’s talk in a universal language in our effort to break 100: math. If you can see where your shots are missed, the fix can be easy.



How Do You Score… In Golf? How do you score in golf? How often do we spend on the range, trying to perfect our backswing, but how many of us work on learning to score?




How to Make Online Golf Lessons Work For You: Honestly, online golf lessons can work. There are three keys you need to know to find the right online golf coach, to get the most out of your lessons!



green lantern golfBeliefs In Golf Marketing: Wondering if you can use that “pro” model of driver, or a certain type of shaft? There are golf marketing misconceptions we’ll look at with this post!



How to Grip the Golf Club the Ben Hogan Way! Ben Hogan believed the grip is integral to the whole golf swing. He’s right; in this article, we’re going to learn how to grip a golf club, the Hogan Way.



How to Take Off Your Golf Glove: This post isn’t going to focus on the golf swing or the clubs, but something I think people don’t realize they do wrong: how to take off your golf glove.