Golf Shaft Test, or, I Lost a Friend Today

I lost a good friend today doing a golf shaft test.

Broken Driver

Happy Trails, Buddy!


It’s been a magical ride.  You were there for thousands and thousands of range sessions, for many seasons of play.  Sure, you got sent to the minors when I bought other drivers, but the one-on-one range sessions were awesome.

Yes, I eventually altered some swing mechanics, which meant your 10.5 degrees of loft no longer matched my swing speed and angle of attack… but when it came to testing shafts, you did your job well.

Speaking of…

This was what we were doing when I lost him.  It was fun, but it was educational, I think.  I show you crazy people pictures and graphs, like this:

KBS V. Apollo Standard Stepless

And this:

Golf Shaft Test

To try to show you that there’s little difference between models and brands of golf shafts, but now you have visual proof in video form, as well!

It’s also why I created The Truth About Golf Shafts, as a means to give you some Layman’s-style technical stuff to show you that golf shafts really aren’t what people make them out to be.

[su_highlight background=”#f9f51d”]By the way, you can buy it on Amazon here![/su_highlight]

See Also: Three Rules For Buying a Golf Shaft!

Anyway, so this driver has been with me through thick and thin.  It was one of the two I’ve dented, but it kept on plugging for about a year and a half after.

But it’s OK.  I’ll just buy a new one. UPDATE: I did.

Honestly, I think every golfer that’s hovering around “serious” level should have some kind of test driver.  Whether it’s something like Acer’s QuikFit (while supplies last… they’ve been swapped out for the Club Conex system), TWGT’s S2S (sorry… you can’t just buy a TWGT system), or something else using Club Conex, at the very least it’s an educational tool.

Whether you want to invest in a handful of different shafts to test out, or, buy a handful of the same shaft to test which length is right for you, there’s a few things you can do to learn about golf equipment- and your swing, as well.


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