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Find Your Golf Swing Tempo Easily

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Tempo, in a nutshell, is the time it takes to swing the club.  It can be fast or slow.  But if you do find it, you set yourself up to make more efficient contact, which creates better results.  We’re going to explore a simple method for finding your golf swing tempo.

Just like everything in golf, there is no “ideal” or “optimum” golf swing tempo.  It’s purely individualized.

Take a look at these two swings:

<DISCLAIMER> highly advise you to watch this video on mute.  We only need to see him swing…  You’ve been warned.

Apparently, older golf videos had some kind of contract that required them to be made with shitty music.  Again, unless you like having the desire to stick hot pokers in both your ears, click the “mute” button as fast as possible.

Thankfully. this second video is only six seconds- and it’s completely silent!


All kidding aside, these are two diametrically different swing tempos.  Couples has a slow tempo, while Price has a quick tempo.  What they do works for them, even though they’re both very different.  Again, don’t allow yourself to be bogged down with someone else’s idea of “ideal”… you have to create your own way towards finding your golf swing tempo.


Just How Do I Find My Golf Swing Tempo?

Easy.  All you have to do is walk.  I got this tip from Top 100 Teacher Mike Adams, in a Golf magazine article.  It’s one of those “sounds overly simple” kind of tips, but believe me when I tell you it works.

You need a metronome.  Either buy one or download an app (iPad).  When you get it set up (but not started), start walking.  Just walk as you normally do, nothing fancy.

When you get into your normal stride, adjust the metronome to “click” with each step.  That is your natural golf swing tempo!

When you’re swinging a club, as soon as you take the club back that starts the metronome.  You should have the club at the top of your backswing by the first “click”.  You should have the club meeting the ball on the second “click”.

I told you it sounds overly simple, didn’t I?  But I was amazed at my results.  It didn’t just create a solid swing tempo; it smoothed out the rhythm of my swing and forced me to focus more during the whole process.  I play the guitar, so I’m used to working with a metronome.  Maybe you aren’t; it really doesn’t matter because it’s pretty intuitive.  I highly recommend you give the metronome a shot.


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