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The Hidden Cost of Buying New Irons



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Everybody loves a new set of irons.  But did you know about the hidden cost of buying them?

Ever hear of “Vanishing Loft Disease”?  It can be summed up in a chart like this:

Vanishing Loft Disease and the hidden cost of new clubs

This was from 2006!  They’re getting even crazier now, with some PW’s measuring at 44 degrees!  Taylormade and Cobra both had a model at one point that was 42 degrees!

It’s insane!

We can go on and on about how it’s misleading you into thinking you’re hitting the ball farther than you really are, but there’s another problem: the hidden costs associated with these new, lower-lofted irons.

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So, you bought yourself a new set of irons…

… what about your wedges?

As we’ve talked about before, you need to have a good, even spacing between your wedges.  If you’ve based them off your old set or irons, what happens when you buy a new set?

What if you didn’t get wedges to fit in with the set?

As the link above says, you want an ideal 4* between all of your wedges.  What will you be looking at when you go to actually buy them?

You’ll need more wedges.

Let’s use some examples…

If your current set ends with a 47* PW, that means you likely have a 51* GW, 55* SW, and 59* LW.

What happens if you buy a new set, one with a 44* PW?  You’ll either have to buy new wedges to fill that gap, or buy at least one, and have the others altered.

With a 44* PW, to get the “ideal” lofts, you’ll need a 48* “Extra Gap Wedge”, a 52* GW, a 56* SW, and a 60* LW.

If you’re buying a brand new set, with no wedges, what will you buy when you’re ready to get them?

Most are 3-PW, but if the PW is 44* or less, you still need to buy more than what’s “traditional”.

To top it off, will you even be able to hit your new long irons?  We club fitters have a “rule”: the 38/25 Rule.  If a club’s longer than 38″ and has less than 25* of loft, it’ll be harder for the majority of golfers to hit.  For these new sets of irons, that goes from the 3 iron all the way down to the 6 iron!

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So, not only are you spending $600+ on a set of irons, you’ll have to spend at least another $100+ for a wedge (or more, depending on your situation).  Then you’ll have to add another $200+ per on hybrids, so you can have longer clubs that you can actually hit.

When will it end?

These hidden costs are doing nothing to help everyday golfers- you, dear reader.  Nothing.  They create a false sense of improvement while forcing you to spend even more of your hard-earned cash on extra clubs.

How far can club manufacturers push this on us?  My fear is that we’ll end up with a PW with the loft and length of a 7 iron before I’m dead.  How long are you gonna put up with it?

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