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How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots

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Today we have a new guest post from Brian Jame over at!  Remember, they review rangefinders- but that's not all they do!  GPS devices, push carts, grips and more!

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How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots

To hit an iron shot well requires a change to the golf swing and stance to make sure you hit down into the ball.  To hit a driver well a golfer has to hit the ball on the upswing.  To hit an iron correctly a golfer must strike the ball with the swing arc coming down.

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How to Hit an Iron - Stance

The main difference between a shot off the tee with a driver and hitting an iron off the fairway is the ball position.  The worse the lie on the fairway, the further back the ball position should be.  Many club golfers would be surprised if they stood to the ball like a pro on an iron shot, and how far back the ball can be.  The first priority is to strike the ball on the downswing, striking the ball first, then the ground.

In case you missed it: Tips to Keep the Head Still in the Golf Swing, by today's author, Brian Jame!

Experiment with different ball positions to see the results.  The further back the ball, the more likely you are to strike the ball first.

The most common cause of bad iron shots is when a golfer gets stuck on the back foot and tries to scoop the ball into the air with the hands. This leads to the ground being hit first, or in bad cases just a clean top.  -Brian Jame

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How to Hit an Iron - Swing

Accuracy and strike defines how to hit a good iron shot, not power.  Therefore the backswing should not be as long.  Control is everything, and the tighter and more efficient the swing the better the results will be.  Make sure the left arm stays firm and the last three fingers of the left hand grip tight enough not let the grip slip.

To find out if your swing is economical and tight enough, hit an iron shot then, without re-gripping the club, try to hit another shot. 

If you find your hands have slipped you are not gripping tight enough with the last three fingers of the left hand.  If you wear a hole in your golf glove this is a sure sign the club is slipping.  Ben Hogan was reputed to be able to hit eight consecutive shots without having to regrip the club.

At address the weight should be evenly distributed but at impact, for a crisp clean strike, the golfers weight must be transferred onto the front foot.  This means the arc of the swing is moving forward and the ball will be collected on the downswing.

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To guarantee the weight is transferred make sure that in the finish position the right foot has moved into its classic position, with the sole vertical and pointing away from the hole.  If the right foot is in this position it means the weight has to have been transferred. This is the most important aspect of how to hit a crisp iron shot.

The most common cause of bad iron shots is when a golfer gets stuck on the back foot and tries to scoop the ball into the air with the hands.  This leads to the ground being hit first, or in bad cases just a clean top.

Above all else make sure you end up with weight on the front foot.  It is imperative not to try to lift the ball into the air.  Trust the loft on the iron to get the ball airborne.

Don't Fear The Divot

If you do not normally hit good iron shots you might well not be used to taking divots.  For many people it’s a strange sensation hitting the ground, so find a place with some rough grass and practice hitting the ground when you swing.  Do not be afraid to take a divot, just remember to replace them afterward.

About the Author

Brian Jame is an editor of, a blog dedicated to providing tips and drills as well as buying guides to many other golfers.  Stay tuned with his website to keep yourself updated to the latest golf information!

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