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Survive Your First Golf Club Fitting (A HOW-TO GUIDE)

Golf Club Fitting


Ensure the Perfect Fit

Have a real conversation with your club fitter to hitting longer, straighter shots!

So… You’re finally gonna get fitted for your golf clubs?


Are you nervous?

Nervous about golf club fitting
It’s gonna be OK! -via Flickr

Yes, it will be OK.

Here’s what you need to know about getting your golf clubs fitted:

You’ll be asked questions about your game and your clubs.


Nothing’s gonna torpedo your fitting faster than being dishonest, or giving “little white lies”.  The fitter’s not gonna care if you “only” hit the ball 200 yards with your driver.  They’re not gonna care if you “only” hit the ball 300 yards with your driver.

Data, that’s what the fitter cares about.  Good, honest data.

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You’ll be tempted to want to fight whatever tendency you have.

Don’t swing differently than you already do.  It kinda goes back to the first point; the fitter’s not gonna care how you swing, unless you look like Goofy in a How To Play Golf cartoon.  Speaking of…

That was fun, wasn’t it?

How can the fitter help you cure your slice if you’re trying (too hard) to hit a draw?  Unless you’re totally committed to overhauling your swing, let the fitter use what you normally bring to the course as his foundation to find club specs.

Most fitters have their base options, and many will want to put you in clubs that are gonna be expensive.

Many fitters have these premium options as a way to separate themselves from the pack.

Hell, I do with Penley shafts.

Good fitters will respect your budget, though.

There’s no right or wrong answer on how much to spend on a golf club.  You gotta do what’s best for you.  Before you go, it’s a good idea to decide on a price ceiling and stick to it.

A common formula for clubs is to take the cost of components, add a certain amount, then times that total by three.  But what if…

  • Head: $120
  • Shaft: $200
  • Grip: $10
  • “Other” (ferrule, shop overhead, etc.): $20

Costs there alone is $350.  Now, times that by three: that one club (most likely a driver) will run you $1,050!  That’s One Thousand and Fifty Dollars.

Damn!!! Ice Cube and Chris Tucker Think Golf Clubs can get expensive!

Yes, there are fitters that follow that model.  One even wrote about it in a book, because he believes he “isn’t a charity”.

I might be wrong, but I want to have customers…

The good news is, there are alternatives.  Alternatives to head brands, shafts, grips.  If you have a budget, the fitter should be able to find more cost-effective alternatives.  Many will even waive the fitting fee if you buy from them.

The biggest thing of all, have fun.

Sure, some will get fitted every year or every other year.  Most will only go through the experience once.

Make the most of it.

The fitter isn’t there to judge you, or make fun of you.  S/He’s there to help you play better golf, with clubs that are tailored to your specific swing style and body structure.

To help you out, why not ask these 13 questions to your club fitter?  They’ll help you understand what’s going on, and to get an idea what’s going on within the whole process.

Enjoy the experience and walk away with new sticks that boost your confidence!

As an aside. ever wonder what’s in my golf bag?

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