How To Take Off Your Golf Glove

There are some things that not everyone knows.

There’s plenty of golf swing tips; I mean, hell, that’s a big part of this site!  This tip is about something golf-related, but not involving the swing.  So I’ll start with a question: do you know how to take off your golf glove?

While this tip is aimed at the beginners, it can also be useful for those of you that might be wondering why their new (or newish) gloves fingers are all stretched out.

Without further ado:

Now that you know how to take off your golf glove, you’ve got another way to keep them “alive” for a little while longer.

Another trick I like to use is to rotate them.  I buy four at a time (they’re BOGO at MG Golf!) and rotate three at a time.  That way, sweat, dirt and grip residue doesn’t build up on them too quickly, especially in the hotter months.