Impact, The Only Thing That Matters.

In an earlier post, I wrote about swinging your individualized swing.  Really, they’re all like fingerprints: everyone has one, but they’re all different.  So how does one get the most out of their game, while swinging their swing?

Easy: focus on one thing: impact, the only thing that matters.  Honestly, look at all the pros and all their different swings.  The one thing they all have in common is the impact position.

Former PGA Tour professional and golf TV commentator Bobby Clampett has an absolutely excellent book about just this thing.

Impact Zone

  It’s incredibly easy to follow along.  It starts you out with putting, then works into the chip swing, then the pitch swing, then the full swing.  I will tell you one key ideology from the book: most PGA Tour pros have a divot that is somewhere between 2 and 4 inches on the target side of the ball.

  I won’t get into details from the book.  For full transparency, no, I’m not getting paid by anyone involved with this book.  I wish I were… but I’m not.  I honestly believe in this.  I downloaded it from the Google Book Store, and haven’t regretted it.

  What I will tell you is how I prepare myself before I swing to ensure my divot is 2-4″ past the ball.  If you’ve never tried it, when I tell you, you’ll probably have one of these moments:


  But it really is that easy.  And yes, I did (finally) manage to work Star Trek into my blog.  Bam.

  Anyway, I should start off by saying that too many people are too focused on the ball.   It’s understandable; all it does is sit there.  But the thing is, don’t focus on the ball.  Seriously, all you have to do is focus on a point in front of the ball.

  Personally, I focus on a dimple on the target-side of the ball.  For you, maybe you should focus on a blade of grass on the target-side of the ball.  Whatever, so long as it works.

  When  I do this, I find I have a straighter right arm at impact (I’m left-handed; don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before).  My ball contact is more flush, and the ball comes off the face with more authority.  Easily my best efforts come when using this method.

  Mind you, this assumes we’re presenting the clubface to the ball square to the target line.  Really, though, if you shift your focus away from the swing and ball, you free yourself to perform to your potential.  Impact is the only thing that matters.