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How To Keep Warm When Golfing

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Like golfing out in the cold?

If you're in the same climate zone as I am, all I can say is Baby It's Cold Outside.  Temps are dropping, golf balls aren't flying as far as they used to when it was warmer.  But you still wanna golf when it's cold...

First off, you're crazy:

are you crazy for wanting to golf when it's cold outside?

Maybe a little too crazy?  Source

But that's OK; you, me, and all kinds of other golfers are just as crazy.  But you still want to stay warm out on the course, right?

Of course!  But how do you do it?  First, start with what you're wearing.

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Wear the right gear

My go-to outerwear is from Refrigiwear.

They have stuff for when it's "kinda cold" to "my nose hairs are frozen!".

Anyway, their lighter gear is perfect for those October to mid-November rounds.  Not too heavy, but will keep you plenty warm.

I wear Refrigiwear when i want to keep warm when golfing!

The good thing about the jacket I have on is, it has high, circular armholes.  Like a good suit, where it promotes freedom of movement.  The full-zipper and collar don't get in the way, either.

The only con I have is the ends of the sleeves.  It has thumb holes, which I don't get.  When you're gripping your club, you'll have to push them up a bit, but other than that it isn't much to complain about.

As you might've guessed, I have an affiliate link that'll let you take 20% off any order you make from Refrigiwear.  If you like clicking links, there's this:

Save 20% off the entire store!!! (I used extra "!"s to really drive home the awesomeness)

Of course, I also have a nifty button, if you're into that kind of thing:

There's a disclaimer in the sidebar, but I want to remind you that these commissions are small, but every little bit helps to keep GLG running.  You're under no obligation to buy- but I'd love you if you did!

Not getting out to the course as often, but still want to stay sharp?  Why not check out the Flightscope Mevo?

Keep your hands warm

Ever hit a baseball or golf ball when your hands are cold?


Keep that from happening with hand warmers.  

If you also like football season, you can get a Titleist-branded "fanny pack" warmer just like the QB's wear!  Just click the picture to get one for less than $40!

How To Keep Warm When Golfing 1How To Keep Warm When Golfing 2

You can also use traditional hand warmers- those packets that you fondle to activate.  You can get a box of 40 pairs for less than $30 by clicking here!

Something to consider: keep your golf balls warm, too.  

It's no secret (or, it shouldn't be) that golf balls fly farther when they're warm.  When it's cold outside, you gotta simulate that situation.  It's easy if you use those disposable hand warmers!  

Just throw a couple in the pouch with the rest of you balls.  Ideally, put one at the bottom, underneath your golf balls.  The other goes on top of them. 

If you're like me and carry two in your pocket, that might be enough to keep them warm.  But if you lose one (or both...), having your backups nice and toasty means you can pick right up where you left off!

Stay warm out there!

So that's it- how I get just that little extra (besides wearing pants instead of shorts) that I do to stay warm on the golf course when the winter weather's around the corner.

What about you?  What do you do to stay warm?

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