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The Truth About Golf Shafts, golf club
Just a handful from my collection! Be sure to check out my book, “The Truth About Golf Shafts“!


I’ve been around the block, so to speak, when it comes to gear.  I can’t help it… I’m a club ho’.  I’ve spent a lot of money (too much, if you ask the wife!) on all kinds of stuff: shafts, grips, heads, you name it.

These no-BS equipment articles will help you, dear reader!  Imagine finding the what you need, without the hassle… I can help you!

You need to realize that the most effective way to get the most of whatever you decide to buy is to get a golf club fitting.

Seriously… no matter what your handicap, no matter how long you’ve been playing, a fitting will help.

That said, I think these articles will go a long way towards helping you, as well…  Have a look!

Choosing New Golf Clubs- The Easy Way!

The truth of a “low-spin” golf shaft

Should you use an offset hosel for your driver?

GLG’s truth about drivers

How you should purchase golf clubs

Are golf-specific rangefinders “worth it”?

A visual effect of lie angle, and why it matters 

Component brands- life outside of the “big names”

Is driver “optimization” important?

A discussion about clone clubheads

How much should you spend on golf clubs?

WTF are “driver specifications”?

Cobra Bio Cell V. Cobra Fly-Z: What happens when you don’t have “it”

When Should You Reshaft Your Golf Clubs?

What’s a Good “Beginner” Golf Ball?

Clone Golf Clubs v. Their OEM Counterparts

5 Unknown Driver Brands!

If you want a No-BS approach to golf clubs, take a look around!


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