September 27

A WITB of Stuff You ACTUALLY Need!



Everyone has a “Must Have In Your Bag” post, so I figured “why the hell not?”.

I’ve done a WITB article before, but that was focused more on clubs and such.  With this article, I’d like to focus more on my 7 on-course “essentials” that aren’t focused on clubs, balls, or bags.  You may or may not agree with all of these.

Suffice it to say, it’s going to be a little off-the-beaten-path.

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One: Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen is that important.  My wife’s uncle had skin cancer, and I’m gonna tell you, it’s not fun.  The number of surgeries he had to have, the skin grafts… it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

So, if you’re gonna have it in the bag, why not make it do a few things for you?  What are they?  Well:

  1. Protect your skin.  I know, I know… “duh”, right?
  2. Improve your game.  Yes, you can use sunscreen to help you hit the ball better!
  3. Have a little fun with it while helping a good cause.

Wait, what?  How is that last one possible?

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“The sun is an evil celestial demon.  It tricks us into worshipping it with its warm alluring rays and bright primary color.  Don’t be fooled.  It wants to destroy us and is hell bent on world domination.  Have no fear, I’ve worked in my lab with a team of skin scientists and retired astronaut Brock Sternum to create what we think is our best sunscreen yet!”
– Will FerrellCelebrity Lotion Advocate

How are you going to go against all that logic?  I mean, Will Freaking Ferrell isn’t wrong when he calls the sun an “evil celestial demon”.  But, because we’re golfers- and I don’t wanna see us ending up like those “golfers” in the movie Wall-E, we have to go out and fight this demon every time we wanna go play.

But that means we have to protect ourselves from it, as well!

Joking aside, ALL of the proceeds of this $10 purchase go towards helping cancer-surviving college students pay for their degrees!  I hate the cliche, but it’s true in this instance: buying this sunscreen is a “win-win”.


Two: Drink Holder

Regardless of your preferred drink, you’re gonna need something to hold it.  Why not this universal holder from Bag Boy?  Its clamp’ll attach to nearly every pull cart on the market!

Three: Ball Marker

Not the kind of ball marker for the green, mind you.  It’s for specifically marking your ball.

You shouldn’t rely on the brand name and number to ID your ball.  Unless you’re playing something super-specific, that you know for sure no one else in your area uses, it’s a good idea to mark your balls.

Yes, a simple colored dot can suffice… but why not have some fun with it?

And let’s be honest: how many of you swear on the course?  If you mark it with this out of bounds marker from Tin Cup, you’ll definitely know it’s yours!

Four: On-Cart Cooler

So you’ve got the thing that’ll hold your individual drink, but do you have something to hold a few more?

I’m not advocating bringing your own “drink” to the course.  I’m also not naive; I know some of you do it- but it’s not my place to judge.  But I won’t speak for everyone:

judgemental cat is judging the 7 on-course essentials you've chosen

Whether you BYOD or buy them at the course, it still makes sense to have something to keep them cool. Why not this Clicker Cooler?

Five: Caddy Pouch

Not all bags come with a valuables compartment.  Stand bags tend to have the least amount of extra space, for obvious reasons.  Even then, maybe you want a separate compartment for the things you use on the course the most?

That’s when you’re gonna need a “caddy pouch”; an external pocket to hold the things that won’t fit in your golf bag!

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Six: Ball Retriever

Who wants to lose a $4 ball?

Sorry, this isn’t gonna be a long section… ball retrievers are pretty straightforward:

  1. Find ball in water
  2. Grab ball retriever
  3. Extend said retriever
  4. Fish ball out
  5. Take drop
  6. Keep going!

See?  Pretty straight-forward.  Probably takes longer to type than it does to get done.

Seven: A Copy of the Rules of Golf

Ever play with a Rules Nazi?  It isn’t fun.

I don’t know about you, but the ones I’ve run across didn’t know the Rules as well as they thought they did.  Ever have something like that happen to you?

That’s why I like to keep a copy of the Rules of Golf with me.

To be perfectly honest, there are times when I bend the Rules knowingly:

  • When I’m playing with new(er) golfers
  • Playing with experienced golfers that just wanna relax
  • Working on playing “best” or “worst ball”

But there are times when I want or have to play by the Rules.  That, and if I am paired with a Rules Nazi, there’s at least a way to check to see if they’re telling the truth or not!

Yeah, I could’ve told you the simple things like “clubs”, “balls”, “a glove”, etc… but we’re talking about real life here.

You have drinks, need protection from the sun and other things that aren’t covered by most others.  They’re not your run-of-the-mill on-course essentials, but they’re important.  Besides, it’s nice to have a little “change of pace” every now and again.

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