Retrofitting Service

Here at GLG, I talk a lot about how custom-fit clubs will do good things for your game.

That’s why we offer a retrofitting service!

Ever deal with this from the “big name” companies?  There’s a LOT of steps involved!

Not at Green Lantern Golf!

It starts with filling out the form (below), or, a simple call or email (preferably email, for the “paper trail”).  You tell me:

  • a little bit about yourself,
  • about your game,
  • what you hope to achieve,

and I come up with a way to fit your clubs to that plan.

From there, you send me your club (or clubs), and I’ll retrofit them to the specs we came up with in the consultation.

If you’re wondering “what goes into a retrofitting service?”, you’re in luck.

All the specs that can be modified:

  • length
  • loft (irons, wedges and putters only*)
  • swing weight
  • grip type/grip size
  • shaft
  • spine alignment/Flat Line Oscillation (FLO)

It’s all based on the 10 Pillars of Club Fitting:

Ten Pillars of Golf Club Fitting- Green Lantern Golf

Just because something can be adjusted doesn’t mean it should be.  If all you want is a regrip, I can do that for you.  If you want the whole kit-and-kaboodle, I can do that, as well.

* if your woods and hybrids are fixed-hosel models, I won’t be able to adjust them.  That’s the problem with titanium- it definitely is as strong as advertised.  Now, if you have an adjustable-hosel model, that I can make happen.

The Details of Green Lantern Golf's Retrofitting service!

"Retrofitting" is taking your older or current golf clubs and breathing some new life into them.  Here's an article I wrote about it.  

If your swing changes, but you don't want to shell out a few hundred dollars for a new set of irons, it's possible to create new specs with your current set to get them back to helping you play better golf.

Retrofitting Services and Costs (click to find more info!)

Regrip- $2.99/grip, $19/set*

Loft/Lie Adjustment- $4.99/head

Reshaft- $14.99/head**

Modify Club Length- $10.99/club

Modify Swing Weight- $4.99/club

The Procedure

Aside from the five services mentioned above, I can do some custom jobs, as well.  Just ask- in the next paragraph you'll find out how!

To get started, just contact me.  Let me know what you want done.  If you're unsure, I'll ask you some questions about your game, and based on the answers I'll come up with a plan.  If you agree, I'll send you an invoice.  After I receive your clubs, I'll work my magic.

Just click the button below to get started!

It's as simple as that!  

Give me 24 hours, and I'll get back to you with some ideas.  Maybe a quote, but that part's negotiable until you're ready.

By the way: this contact form doesn't sign you up for any emailing list; it's simply for helping you get your repair and/or alteration job taken care of.  There's a sign-up form for the email list off to the right and one below (or two below, if you're on mobile), if you're interested.

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