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Review: DTG Inazone XC-7 Putter

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DTG Inazone XC-7 Putter, the TL;DR Review






  • Looks great
  • Sweet feel at impact
  • Value priced


  • Difficult to find, though you can order from me!

Let’s review the Voice Caddy SC200.

I’ve made it easier to digest, only using four criteria.

If you read some of my previous posts, you’ve been able to see that I’ve used the Voice Caddy SC200 to make my “Epic Shaft Battle” post (I’m gonna do more, I swear!).

Let’s break down each criterion…


The Voice Caddy SC200 is a small, personal, launch monitor.  It’s very light.  Take a look:

Voice Caddy SC200

Fits easily in the hand, doesn’t it?

It runs on AA batteries.  I’ve used this thing all season, with the batteries that came with the unit, and they haven’t died yet.

A nice little thing I want to throw in here, because I’m not sure where to categorize it, is that barometric pressure is accounted for with the SC200.  From what I can understand, it normalizes your output, depending on the weather.  Pretty cool, I think.


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So this is what many of you are probably really wanting to know: how accurate is the Voice Caddy SC200?

I won’t speak about what others say.  Honestly, I don’t really bother, because I want to form my own opinions without any prior bias.

What I can say is, for me, the SC200 is pretty dang accurate.  Based on what I know I can do, with the driver this thing pretty much nails it.

voice caddy sc200

Here’s a shot of what the lower end of my ability looks like.  As you can see from the “Smash Factor” section, I didn’t catch it on the “sweet spot”, something I don’t always do.

Of course, there are discrepancies.  I’ve had shots that supposedly flew shorter than my previous shots, because the Voice Caddy SC200 didn’t pick it up.

Don’t let this deter you from looking to buy, though, because all launch monitors and simulators suffer from the occasional hiccup.  I’ve used this unit for over 1,000 shots on the range, and I can only remember five that made me think “dafuq?”.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Buy the Voice Caddy SC200 HERE![/thrive_link]

Ease of Use

The Voice Caddy SC200 is very easy to set up.  You want to place it behind the ball, about 45″ or so.  Unless you’re using a crazy-long driver, all you need to do is tee up the ball, place your driver behind it, and set the SC200 down behind the grip.

Couldn’t be easier, really.

It comes with a remote control, which I’ve found to be much easier to use than the minimal amount of buttons on the unit.

I did accidentally set it to meters once, and I struggled to switch it back to yards.  Like a typical male, I tried to do it without the instructions… yes, I learned my lesson.


Compared to other personal launch monitors, the Voice Caddy SC200 is rather inexpensive, at about $350.  Compared to a TrackMan, which retails for about $10,000, it’s a friggin’ steal.

Is the TrackMan better?  Probably… it does tend to misread shots and give wonky data on occasion, but it happens to all of them.  It also provides a lot more information.  But if you’re on a budget, the SC200 is going to give you very good bang for your buck.

At $350, it has the ability to test different lofts, lengths, and shafts with enough data to let you know if what you’re testing is doing something of consequence.

Could you get more info?  Sure… but do you need it?  Ball speed and clubhead speed let you know how fast your swinging, while smash factor lets you know if you’re hitting the “sweet spot”.  Finish it off with the carry distance, and you can see clear as day how it’s coming together.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Buy the SC200 HERE![/thrive_link]

DTG Inazone XC-7

Up for review today is the Inazone XC-7 putter.

I’m gonna just put it out right now: the XC-7 is a clone putter.  But who cares?  I don’t, if you’ve read some of my older stuff about clones.  Many times, they don’t even really look like their OEM version, as you can see here.

Video: Clone Driver v. Its OEM Counterpart

According to DTG, it’s a clone of the Odyssey White Hot 330.  Well, here’s a view of the 330:


Now, here’s a few more “real life” pics of the XC-7:


Inazone XC7 putter

inazone xc7 putter

inazone xc7 putter


Not even close, really.  It looks more like Odyssey’s #9, doesn’t it?

So, let’s break down each score, and how we came up with it.

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Looks, 4.5

Personally, I really like this look.  All of my putters look like this; I have the White Hot XG #9, the Acer iSight San Miguel and the XC-7.  The only other putter I currently have that doesn’t look like this is an Odyssey Dual Force #5.

I know that your mileage may vary.  Some prefer the Anser style.  Some are OK with a crazy design, like the TMaG Spider, Yes! Tiffany, or the  appropriately-named Ping Cra-Z.  But for me, this mid-mallet style like the Inazone XC-7 is timeless.

Feel, 4

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t one metal that truly makes a club “feel” good.  Everyone has their own preference; how it’s built and what it sounds like also impact what you “feel”.

I’m going to tell you right now: any club I review is gonna get a “4”.  I can make anything “feel” good to me, be it changing the swing weight, altering the overall weight, swapping grips… I have a few “tricks” up my sleeve.

You need to find what works for you.  I believe any club has a chance to be that club, so long as you don’t close yourself off to it.

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Cost, 5

This is where the Inazone XC-7 is going to shine.  For just the head, in component form, it’s $16.99.  That’s a steal, in my opinion.

As a completed club, it’s $29.99.  If you’re golfing on a budget, there’s just no passing this up!


A reviewer on the site named grainflow said this:

superb club and value  July 23, 2011

Not a cheap club in terms of quality. Nice milled face, good finish and well weighted. Searched long for something comparable that didn’t cost more than $50, then Jason came to the rescue!

It’s an old design that’s gained popularity in the last couple years, so don’t be afraid of this being a clone. They all are, even the big brand’s.

If you’re curious, Jason is the owner of DTG.  A good guy to talk to.  And yes, this review is from 2011- they keep some of their clubs on for long cycles- unlike other brands we know <cough TMag cough>.

See more equipment reviews HERE!

Availability, 3.5

I don’t give this a high rating because, frankly, not many people know about Diamond Tour.  Or, some of them that do look down on them for selling clones, even though they also do OEM work.

Well, here’s a non-affiliate link: Diamond Tour Golf

Seriously, I’m not a DTG affiliate.  I don’t think they even have a program.  But I like their stuff; I currently have their S2 Pro hybrids still in the bag- with backups still in the wrapper should one or both of my gamers somehow break.

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The Wrap Up

If you’re on a budget, don’t care about brand names, or whatever other reason, check out DTG.  The Inazone XC-7 putter is a steal of a deal, and the money you save can be used for so many other things:

  • A new grip
  • putting lessons
  • overall golf lessons
  • a puppy
  • a nice dinner with the missus

Here’s another link, if you’re interested in buying: Inazone XC-7 Putter.

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