December 30

Shooting Par (Presentation)

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Shooting par doesn’t have to be difficult.

And yet, that’s what we do… make it a PITA.  I don’t get it, so I’ve decided to try to convince you with a flashy, simple, graphic.  Enjoy!




The beauty of it is, it doesn’t need to take extra effort.

For the example above, you use your normal 5 iron swing.  You don’t need to feel as if you’re trying to crush the ball.  Far from it.

Just use a nice, normal swing.

Same goes with the par 5’s.  I know it looks like it’s a long way away, but it isn’t.  Break the hole down into thirds, decide on the club, and just hit away.  Three easy shots and you’re in position to two-putt for par!

Things That Can Prevent Shooting Par

One area where a hang-up can occur is doglegs.  My preference is to hit to the far corner of a dogleg.  Trying to cut it close can be disastrous; there’s a reason why they call it “trying to get out of jail”!

By aiming for the far corner of the dogleg, I have the hole fairway to play with, and if I miss it right (for me, a hook), I have room there, too.

This is where you’ll be thankful if you have a GPS or rangefinder.

Obstacles, like rivers or creeks, can also put a damper on the ease of this idea.  You’ll have to use a judgement call.  Ask yourself these two questions: does stopping the ball short of the hole hurt your ability to keep it easy?  Are you able to carry the water?

  • Does stopping the ball short of the hole hurt your ability to keep it easy?
  • Are you able to carry the water?

I can’t answer this for you, but my advice is: err on the side of caution.

Shooting par doesn’t have to be that difficult, but we tend to make it so.

It took me awhile to figure this one out.  Hopefully, I can help you get there faster than I did on my own!

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