Simple Golf Swing Tips

There’s only so many hours in the day… but you want to play better golf.  Let GLG’s simple golf swing tips help!


golf swing tips
Follow these tips and drills to create better golf swing basics!


Included here is a resource center of all the golf swing tips that I’ve used to improve my game.Admittedly, many of my tips are simple, focusing on golf swing basics.  Remember, though, that even a master black belt knows the importance of solid fundamentals!


Read them, use them and watch your scores drop!

4 EASY steps to Tour-like backspin!

Getting back to golf swing basics

Shooting par (a presentation)

Fix a slice, using simple pictures

How to choose the correct tee box to improve your scores!

How to putt!

“Design Thinking”, and how it applies to golf

How to use sunscreen to make impact more efficient

simple method to help create better fundamentals

How to find your big golf (score) gain (pt. 1) (pt. 2)

A simple way to find your ideal swing tempo

Why swinging your swing is a good thing

How to practice golf indoors

How to escape bunkers

How to get explosive distance on the 4th of July (or any other day!)

How to attack the green

A scientifically unsound, yet highly effective, method to hit draws and fades!

What the target-side foot does in the swing

Why you should focus more on impact