Simple Golf Swing Tips

There's only so many hours in the day... but you want to play better golf.  

Let GLG's simple golf swing tips help!

Included here is a resource center of all the golf swing tips that I've used to improve my game.  Admittedly, many of my tips are simple, focusing on golf swing basics.  

Remember, though, that even a master black belt knows the importance of solid fundamentals!

golfing on a balance beam to practice prioperception

Fix Your Golf Swing With Proprioception

Proprioception.  It's a big word... but what does it mean?  How does

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alternate side view of the bottom hand

The Ben Hogan Grip and How it Helps You Hit Better Shots

In this little lesson, we're going to talk about the Ben Hogan

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5 Top Tips to Help You Improve Your Golf Swing

Today, James from Golf Meteor will be writing a guest post, all

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Become a Fatalistic Golfer For Better Results

There's nothing wrong with caring. You care about your score. You care

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5 reasons why you suck book cover

Why You Suck At Golf 5 TIPS TO FIX YOUR GAME

You suck at golf. There, I said it.   But you gotta admit

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green lantern golf can help with the swing!

How Long Does It Take To Be Good at Golf?

Realistically, it should take about twenty hours to start playing decent golf.Well,

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