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Golf Swing Tips and Lessons

While the majority of Green Lantern Golf is concentrated on the equipment side of the game, I've learned a thing or two about the golf swing part.

I'm the first to admit that one-on-one lessons are the best path to improve your scores, but if you're in a bind, my thoughts on the swing and how you approach the game might come in handy.

Simple Golf Swing Tips

I'm not going to bog you down with numbers or the "swing du jour" stuff.  My swing tips and lessons are simple, but actionable.  

Sometimes, it isn't even about the swing itself, but your approach.  Course management strategies, or what you're thinking/feeling in the moment, could be the real reason you aren't seeing improvement.  We'll cover both here! 

Simple, But Effective

"Bite size" tips, stuff you can do without completely overhauling your swing, are what I offer.  

Little things about the grip, or your stance.  Nothing too big, but completely doable.

The Mental Approach

Sometimes it isn't about how you swing... but how you think.

Course management, your internal process; the little things.  Focusing on these can lead to big results!

Nailing the Fundamentals

You don't become a master by learning all the crazy stuff.  You do it by really nailing down the basics, make them a complete part of you.  We'll cover those here!

Beginner Golf Tips

If you're just starting out, or are fairly new but rudderless, let me give you a hand!

The Mental Side of Golf

Sometimes, it's not how you swing, it's how you think.  Working on your mental approach to the game can really help you lower your scores!

Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

Focusing on the fundamentals of the golf swing will help you more than chasing fads.  Use these tips to tighten up the foundation of your swing!

Make the Game Easier

Golf isn't easy... but you can make it easier.

Simple and easy.

Survive on the Course:

A Field Guide to Lowering Your Scores

Don't go it alone!  Use this Field Guide to help you uncomplicate the wedge game, bring the essentials, and more!  Best of all, it's FREE!

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About the Author

I've been golfing a long time.  Been a golf club fitter, builder, and repairman nearly as long.

When I'm not reading things like Common Sense Clubfitting or Golf Club Fitting & Performance, I'm watching Star Wars or MCU movies, reading fantasy novels like LOTR or the Forgotten Realms series, or listening to some of my favorite bands, like Deftones and Queen.

If you live in the SW MI area, drop me a line or write me an email!  I can do custom fitting, club building, or whatever repair needs you may need.  If you don't live in the area, we can make it work!

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