November 25

The Something Is Better Than Nothing Rule

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Time is our most precious commodity.


I get  that, and I want you to understand something: I give you what you need to make gains on the golf course. We don’t have time for fluff. Yes, I like to joke around and use sci-fi and pop-culture references, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

This is why I like to use what’s called “The Something Is Better Than Nothing” Rule.

You may not have time with your 9-5 (7-3, or whatever shift you work), taking kids to practice, getting dinner ready and all the other things that come with being a real person. That’s completely understandable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some of the little things to help you improve your score- when you do have the time.

That’s where The Something Is Better Than Nothing rule comes in.  If you can only spare a few minutes a day you can do things like:

  • work on your grip
  • work on your stance
  • work on your putting
  • and numerous other things

Seriously.  While you’re in the commercial break of the Monday Night Football game, grab your glove and a club.  Mold your hands onto the grip and just hold it there.  Hold it for 10 seconds, then set the club down.  Wait for a count of 10, then start over.

By the time the commercials are over, your grip should start coming naturally.

While I’m not a big fan of changing things– at least, not when it’s just for change’s sake- you can work on changing your grip this way, as well.  It’ll take a while longer to build the muscle memory, but it’ll happen.  Just make sure it feels different… otherwise, you aren’t changing anything.


You can work on your stance by just getting into it and holding it there.  For this one, you can hold it for a count of 10 if you like, but you don’t have to… 5 seconds should suffice.  Hold the stance, get out of it and shake it off, then repeat.

If you have limited space, you can still work on your backswing:

  • Get in your stance, club in hand
  • Lay the club across your shoulders
  • Rotate your shoulders; note where the club points.

If it looks like this:

shoulder rotation
Not an efficient shoulder turn

You’re doing it wrong.

See how level my shoulders are?  The butt end of the club is pointing at the camera!



It should look more like this:

shoulder rotation
Much better!

See how the butt end of the club points down (at the ball)?  That’s what you want!  The lead shoulder touches your chin, the trail shoulder reaches for the sky.

That, dear reader, is an efficient shoulder rotation.

Swing Tip: Learn to smooth out your tempo with a metronome

A simple putting drill you can do in your house is the “Gate Drill”.

It’s easy.

You need two objects, like a couple of books, your putter and a ball.

gate drill
The Gate Drill

This will allow you to create a square hit on the ball.  See how the inside book is smaller?  That’s on purpose: I arc (curve) the backstroke, while my throughstroke is straight.  I use a smaller object on the inside so I don’t restrict my stroke going back.

As  you improve, you can scale this drill by moving the “gate” closer together.

Will it teach you how to hone your green speed touch?  No.

Will it give you a “true” roll scenario?  No.

But what it DOES do is, it teaches you to present the putter face to the ball squarely; to start the ball on the correct path.

Doing something, even if it might be considered minor, is always better than doing nothing when you’re looking to improve your game.

You’ve made it this far… why not give my ecourse “GLG’s Guide to Better Golf NOW” a try?


About the author 

Justin Blair

Justin Blair is the founder of Green Lantern Golf. When he isn't bringing his 10+ years of excellent craftsmanship experience to golf club fitting, building, and repair, he's geeking out about Star Wars (he's watched them all about 8,437 times!) and things like the MCU and LOTR, he's drinking mead and craft brews. If you wanna know more, check out my About Page!

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