The Importance(?) of Driver Optimization for Your Golf Swing

driver optimization chart

Have you ever heard the phrase “driver optimization”?I’m sure you have… but have you heard how it relates to golf, specifically the big dog?  Is it really that important to get your driver “optimized”?  The point of golf driver optimization is to get your big stick’s launch parameters.Namely, launch angle and backspin rate- correct for what’s considered … Read more

What Does “High Launch” Mean In Golf?

What Does “High Launch” Mean In Golf? 3

Everyone talks about “high launch” in golf, but what does it mean? First of all, when we’re talking about “high launch”, we mean the ball’s trajectory.  You get three choices: high, medium, and low.  Sure, we can say “high-mid”, “low-mid” and “mid-mid”… but WTF?  Why make it so difficult? But what’s a “high” trajectory, exactly?  … Read more