January 5

Canted Bulge- What is it, Can it Help, and is it New?

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What's all this about "Canted Bulge"?

Does anyone even know what it means?  Seems like it's time for a little lesson!

First off, let's discuss what bulge is.  Have you ever really looked at the face of your driver?  Did you notice that it's curved?  

If you didn't, get a credit card and place it along the middle, right across the "sweet spot".  Like this:

canted bulge, or regular bulge?

Yes, I did get a membership to try to get some Kirkland golf balls.  No, it didn't work...

Do you see the gap between the club face and card in the heel and toe areas?  That's the bulge at work.

You can rock the card back and forth, as well.  Like this:

canted bulge, regular bulge

Still no Kirklands...

canted bulge

...thanks, Costco.

What does bulge do?

Think of it as a self-correcting device.  If you're right-handed and hit a ball off the toe, counter-clockwise sidespin* is imparted on the ball.    The ball tends to fly to the right, but the added spin makes the ball curve back towards the fairway.

If you hit it off the heel, clockwise sidespin* is added, which creates a situation opposite of what happens when hit off the toe.  The ball starts left, but the added spin makes the ball curve back to the fairway.

Note that this is in an almost "perfect world" situation, where the face is square to the target at impact.

* Yes, I'm very aware that there is no such thing as "sidespin".  Physically, it's impossible... but it works wonders for visualization in a "Layman's" perspective.

So.... what is "canted bulge"?

The definition of "canted" is the angular deviation from a vertical or horizontal plane or surface.

Think of a parallelogram:

canted bulge is like a parallelogram

Now, let's put it together:

Canted Bulge- What is it, Can it Help, and is it New? 1

See the green pattern?  Instead of the bulge being across the center, it's slanted from heel-to-toe.

How does it help me?

If you're asking yourself this right now, good on you!

Canted bulge helps because, as Cobra deduced, most golfers miss high on the toe and low on the heel.  By canting the bulge, Cobra is telling us that the horizontal gear effect will be more... effective for the majority of us.  

Of course, if you get a custom fitting, you virtually eliminate the need to worry about this.  Why?  Because you'll be getting into specs that allow you to hit the "sweet spot" most of the time!

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Is it true that canted bulge is new technology?

This is where it gets kinda interesting.  If you followed the link in the last section, did you notice the date?  That article was written in 2012.  


Taylormade, as you might have heard, is releasing this as a new breakthrough.

There's a video running around social media from them, with their Big Dogs (Day, DJ, Rahm, etc.) lauding over this "new" technology; I'm sure you've seen it.  How many of you caught all the buzzwords?

Well, if you've been gaming a Cobra since the AMP was released, I've got good news for you: you've already been using canted bulge!

There's all kinds of myths in golf, most of them created by some marketing department.  It's hard to sift through them, but that's one of the reasons I'm here for!

Just remember this simple rule of thumb: when in doubt, get yourself custom-fitted for your golf clubs.  That'll eliminate the majority of this kind of headache!

In Case You Missed It:

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