“What Type of Golf Ball Is Best for Me”?

Finding the right type of golf ball for your game can be a big deal.

It can also be pretty daunting, given the amount of choices you have.  People should be asking themselves what type of golf ball is best for me... and sticking to that choice.

It helps with consistency.  You wanna remove as many variables as possible, so why not one that, compared to stuff like lessons and clubs, isn't as costly?  Does it have to be such a headache, though?

No, it doesn't.  There's some good news: it doesn't have to be that big of a deal.

what type of golf ball is best for me?

There's only two real choices you have to make:

  • 1
    Do you care about spin?
  • 2
    Do you have a big budget?

Seriously, there isn't a whole lot that goes into it.  

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